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  1. Thanks mate, it's getting there. It's got the tinsiest bit of burn in but I reckon I can live with it. I've still got the issue with sound only coming out of the headphone jack now (this was occuring before the CRT replacement). I reckon this is something to do with grounding because it's stopped a few times when I've moved the psu around. I've noticed my Astec psu doesn't have the grounding wire to the chasis like this one https://preview.redd.it/a3acpkra0nm11.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=1449680db1835e66bb1f7d193e16a9c4b8075bb3 - I don't know if that is just a featu
  2. Tweaked the geometry a bit - better but still not perfect. Will play around with it a bit more later.
  3. It was happening with the old CRT too - it's solved by adjusting the crt anode cap, making it taut seems to fix it. So I've played around with the yoke adjustment but I'm struggling to get it better than this (it's sitting towards the right). Do I need to adjust more or is this a geometry issue?
  4. Ah of course. I'll try swapping the yokes. Thanks!
  5. These are the different header types I'm talking about. Anyone have any ideas on a trick to remove the headers so attach the crt to the SE30 analog board? I've tried the old staple trick but it didn't work. I know I could simply snip and solder them but I'd prefer to be less destructive.
  6. Oh that changes everything. So how did you handle the different analog board connections? Is it possible to use the staple trick to get the pin headers out and swap the sockets?
  7. Orly? I was under the impression from this: That they weren't compatible. So if I can swap the analog board connector headers and use the se30 yoke (that's hopefully not damaged) I should be right?
  8. And I've just realised the classic has a revision B CRT - so it's useless for my needs. Back to square one I guess.
  9. OK I'm back. Got a "for parts" Classic for a reasonableish price. I'm taking out the CRT now and it's caked in dust: Should I attempt to clean the coil or just leave it?
  10. Haha, I don't think i could handle all the name calling/critism/abuse I'd get in the comments. Youtube is not a kind place.
  11. ERGHHH I just broke the CRT I was troubleshooting the audio settings - managed to figure out when the PSU was not screwed in the internal speaker would work. However I was trying to be lazy and squeeze it in without removing the analog board or the yoke. Unfortunately I knocked the yoke and gas escaped. Tried turning it on and lots of very scary looking sparks came out of the yoke. The CRT had awful burn in and I was looking for a replacement anyway but I'm still really annoyed at myself.
  12. I was putting the scsi2sd mount that I 3d printed in today and when I turning it on I had no sound again. However I got it to work once by making sure the metal on the logic board near the ports was touching the chassis - but I wasn't able to replicate it again. So I'm thinking it's a grounding issue.
  13. I just soldered the header back on and tested one more time and it's working again. No idea what changed but hopefully it stays working .
  14. Thanks again JDW. I removed the header and soldered a speaker to the board and I'm getting the same issue. The person I got to do the recap has offered to have another look so I might just do that, just annoying to have to post interstate.
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