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  1. Wow! Do you have more photos of the other things you managed to grab? That picture does inded look good, and its nice to see Apple used the white packaging for this model of monitor too.
  2. I think you're right, I read somewhere else that stock IIx machines are impossible to find as they are usually upgraded ones. Stragely enough this machine still has the IIx sticker on the bottom, even though Apple's instructions for a IIfx board upgrade stipulated swapping the sticker on the bottom case. The IIfx was definitely a worthwhile upgrade back then if you needed the speed, 40MHz along with the faster RAM was a significant speed boost back then and cheaper than buying another machine.
  3. I never thought I would get a IIfx either, they are expensive but this was sold as a non-working IIx and the seller misspelled Macintosh on the eBay listing which probably helped too. I paid a small price compared to what its really worth. I think the best way to get IIfx is to look for an upgraded II or IIx.
  4. Yep. I tend to run my compact Macs at ~50% brightness to maintain the CRT components a little longer, it probably doesn't help massively but anything we can do at this point is good as these parts are not easy to replace now, less so in 10 years, and so on...
  5. 100%. This is the reason to have a fan in any Mac with a built-in CRT.
  6. I scored a IIx that was upgraded to a IIfx! This completes my collection of must-have Macs. The case is a bit beat up, but nothing too awful. It was sold as untested, and there's a sticker on the back that says 'Dead'. I put two new PRAM batteries in, and connected it all up and it works just fine! The only problem I am aware of is no sound from the internal speaker, but sound works on headphones and the surface mount capacitors are already solids, so I don't think a recap will help unless the electrolytic axials contribute to the sound circuit on these?
  7. @buserror Did you get your II working in the end?
  8. Welcome, and those SE/30s look lovely. The SE and SE/30 do share power supplies, analog boards and CRTs/video cards (the card that attaches to the CRT neck), so if you're in need of spare parts, you can buy an SE to fulfill that need. The differences are the SuperDrive, logic board and the front/rear case. You really should either learn how to replace SMD caps, or pay someone to do it for you - all Macs of this age, even if the caps look OK, should be redone if you don't know for certain that they've already been recapped. I learnt how to replac
  9. Mac 128k - 2 Mac 512k - 2 Mac Plus - 5 Mac Classic - 2 Mac Classic II - 4 Mac SE FDHD - 2 Mac SE/30 - 7 And I'll add some more models to the list... LC II - 1 LC 475 - 2 Performa 6200 - 1
  10. Your health comes first, rest up! The SE board will wait as will the rest of us
  11. Reflowing the solder joints for the capacitors did the trick. Thanks @techknight
  12. That seems very odd because after the recap this worked perfectly, its only after being in storage that its had this weird problem. I replaced all capacitors yes. I will check them all again...
  13. Sorry, they work in Safari but yes don't seem to work in other browsers for some reason Looks like mp4 embeds are broken on this site maybe. @techknight Here you go... https://streamable.com/9h20fk https://streamable.com/gpmdc6 https://streamable.com/g04h5i
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