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  1. Yup, all of the official links are dead at this point, but they're in the UNNA.org archives at http://www.unna.org/view.php?/drivers/ethernet/WiFi. Unpack the source .zip and there's a precompiled .pkg in there that is unlocked (this is the official source that Hiroshi released).
  2. By using a 2xAA battery holder instead of a 4xAA holder, you may be able to fit similar capacity in terms of mAH, but the voltage will be too low, so it won't work. I've seen people hack away plastic to fit larger holders or make custom holders that will fit, but your best bet is to re-cell the battery pack (the eMate should be much easier to do than the MessagePad 2x00 as it's just shrink tubed, not encased in ABS plastic).
  3. Go with the original power supply, Newtons require the power to not vary from the spec in the slightest and many have found universal adapters damage them.
  4. All this advice is spot on. The eMate will be easy to get working with your Quadra, since it doesn't require an additional Serial to Interconnect adapter that the MessagePad 2x00 use (they're hard to come by these days), so just need a standard mini DIN-8 serial cable and the Newton Conection Kit software. As mentioned, the resources for software & support are: UNNA.org, NewtonTalk.net, and WikiWikiNewt.
  5. I believe Matthias Melcher was originally providing the Windows builds, back when Einstein was hosted on Google Code, but hasn't created any recently (I'm not sure how much he's using Windows these days). The most recent improvements to Einstein (esp. over the last few years) have been related to Android, OS X, and iOS support, so the Windows build has gone mostly untouched. It might stilll build using cygwin, but I'm not sure. The source code is all there, so anyone running Windows who wants to try to get it running is certainly welcome to, but my guess is it'll take a little work. That s
  6. What you want is a package called Tibet, I believe. Mail V also has image stationary for JPG images, if you want to email JPGs via an IMAP account.
  7. morgant

    Emate 300 Memory

    For further details on eMate memory modules: Apple eMate 300: Memory Upgrade Discussion Newton eMate 300 Memory Module
  8. morgant

    ARM - Newton

    Einstein development has picked up on GitHub at https://github.com/pguyot/Einstein. Paul Guyot returned to make some fixes and migrate it from Google Code to GitHub, Steven Frank has made some updates for building on new versions of OS X (and iOS? I can't recall), and Matthias Melcher has been continuing to make excellent progress on replacing ROM code with native code for improved performance. I know an ethernet card emulation had been added at some point and that it worked for HTTP access, but I can't recall which platforms other than OS X were supported or how reliable it was. Since it
  9. morgant

    ARM - Newton

    Unfortunately, beyond the similarity of the ARM processor, which despite being descendent from the one used in the MessagePads is probably a slightly different instruction set, the MessagePads and eMates also used a significant amount of custom chips as well. The problem is that the whole architecture is different, so you wouldn't be able to run the NewtonOS directly in modern hardware. That said, Einstein emulates all that custom hardware, including MMU (memory management unit), allowing it to run under other operating systems. I don't think it has been done yet--and I could be wrong abou
  10. There was a re-brand during the spin-off, but since the Newton, Inc., company was only on its own for a few months, I'm not sure how many were produced with the alternate logo.
  11. It is very interesting that the stylus works at all within the calibration tool, but nowhere else. If not for that, I'd think you had a damaged digitizer (and you still might).
  12. Attempting a "reset with extensions off" can't hurt, but I would try a "deep reset", then a "power drain reset", and finally a "brainwipe" as a last resort (stopping at whichever solves the problem, if one does). See this question & answer in the Newton FAQ for explanations and how to perform each.
  13. There were also far fewer Newtons on the market than there are iOS devices (or even were when the App Store was first launched), so it would not have been particularly sustainable to price apps that low. There were still plenty of $5-$10 shareware apps for the Newton at the time.
  14. Hopefully you got this working or will come back to it, but I figured I'd chime in. While there is a preferred order for installing NIE, the WaveLAN drivers, etc., the biggest gotcha is that DHCP seems fairly unreliable. I'd suggest trying a manual IP, subnet mask, gateway/router, and DNS servers.
  15. I noticed it seems to still be up. Lookin' good! If you decide to keep it going, I'd suggest installing the tracker and pointing it at any of the UNNA.org, misato.chuma.org, newton.tek-ed.com, or newtzilla.quadzilla.net trackers.
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