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  1. Wow nice score! If i saw something like that locally i'd snap it up for sure. How did you get it so CLEAN?!
  2. Any word on what the required Volts and Mha are for each model? Best place to find universal power adapter?
  3. Okay thanks so much! I figured there must be some cheap alternative with all the multi-voltage options out there these days. Appreciate it.
  4. Hello All; i have a chance to get a free Newton from a friend (finally, have wanted one forever!) He says "have the model 100, 120, even a 2000. You'll need to get a power supply for it." Is any of these models easier to find a power supply for, either OEM or realistically third party/generic? Thanks; and much appreciated if anyone has a source or links to the right supply that will fit any of these models. Was going for the 2000 because it probably has the most software/features/capabilities. Thank you!
  5. Thanks, interesting, doesn't seem to be readily available anywhere. Luckily i am upgraded over stock but guess i won't be topping off anytime soon. If anyone knows of any secret ram sources, please do let me know
  6. Can anyone help a brother out? I'm looking for 72 pin right? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=128mb+ram+dimms&_sacat=0
  7. Looking for 2x 128MB Ram dimms for this machine Anyone have a pair, or know where i might find some for sale? Bob over at Headgap is sold out. Thanks!
  8. Amazing!!! Whats with the naked baby doll on the floor? I keed I keed....
  9. I have noticed the Imagewriter II trips my breaker for my office basement if i leave it plugged in. Is this more likely to be the power cord, or the unit itself? Seems to work fine but it's definitely this item, when i leave it unplugged not trip. When i leave it plugged in, the next morning it's dead down there. And this is into a power strip which is then plugged into an outlet.
  10. Wanted to let you guys know that those cheap $4 and change printer ribbons work great. I think they are new generics, not NOS from the 90's. Anyway for the price i feel like i did pretty well.
  11. For under $5 shipped I took a chance on it Will still try to buy new if anyone heard any members are still making them or have stock available. @maceffects mentioned to me he was out of stock.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Apple-ImageWriter-II-POS-Ribbons-A2M0077-Free-Shpping/191355613448?hash=item2c8daef108:g:m-AAAOSwxH1ULFsT Any reason NOS ribbons would not be good if they are factory sealed in plastic?
  13. Thanks for the link; def going for box of tractor feed for old times sake. I think they still sell it at staples too of all places. I think if you do loose feed you have to feed it in one sheet at a time because there is no tray to support loose paper behind the machine...lol
  14. Thanks for the link! I also PM'd a member about ribbons that was mentioned earlier in the thread. I could feed in one page at a time but typically there is no way to use loose paper with these right? You have to use the connected paper? EDIT: Much better; made some space for it on the desk, now looks like a full 90's setup haha
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