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  1. What a gorgeous setup.....reallly nice.
  2. This thread was a great read; thanks for sharing/posting! Looking forward to seeing the machine in a rackmount enclosure.
  3. @jimbojones small world; i had no idea it was from a 68kmla member either! Thank you! I'm loving it and using it daily for writing, gaming, projects, etc.
  4. AWESOME write up! Very cool to see all these excellent pics and work done.
  5. Last piece of the puzzle; the full RAM upgrade is in place! 128 MB Okay I'll quit bumping this thread...lol
  6. Loving my Dazzle 4 in 1. Reformatted the CF for Mac so use that as an extra HD/Storage and use the 2GB SD in the Dazzle for moving files over. Thanks again to the member who recommended these (might have been in my PB 1400 thread originally) they work great; plug and play!
  7. Nice haul! I like the external CD-ROM drives...they only existed for so long so cool pieces to have. An OEM Apple scanner is a pretty cool piece of hardware too; can't be too many around left working.
  8. You hit the mother-load.....very nice find all around. Enough to keep you busy for years right there. Side note---there is a multi-cart for the Vectrex, so you don't have to buy all the pricey games individually. Just ask around on Atariage.com
  9. Thanks; this would be helpful! I have a guy locally that could help me replace the caps and does excellent work.
  10. Found a 128MB RAM Module! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Powerbook-3400-128MB-RAM-memory-module/233844487896?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Got it for less than posted but took a bath on shipping because it's in the UK. Oh well; wasn't sure how often they pop up anymore so decided to go for it. Now.......am i really stuck at 3.0 GB for this HDD?
  11. Thanks! Fully sorted as of today; and everything works great. After years of upgrades and mucking about; a fresh install really is the way to go. Much more room on the HDD now and it's running faster all around. Now the long wait for the 128MB ram upgrade begins.....luckily i have a 64MB card in there, so i'm working with 80MB total. Any tips on where to find such an upgrade, beside ebay? I've emailed a few old school apple sellers in hopes they might have one collecting dust on a shelf somewhere; but they are all long out of stock. Oh well...going to have to keep an eye on tho
  12. Formatted the HD and did a nice full fresh install of 9.0.4. I think that is going to be this machine's happy place. Sound works perfectly.
  13. Wow; nice Newton haul! I need to get mine out and play with them again.
  14. Trying to install on my CF Card, but as soon as it gets started it says "The Application "Drive Setup" could not be opened" EDIT: 9.0.4 is cooperating so guess i'll use that to install that on the CF HD Thanks guys!
  15. Getting up to 9.2.2 was just an experiment, I think this machine was happiest with 8.6. What's the best way to format the hard drive and do a full fresh install? My only concern is the machine doesn't like to boot from CD when you hold C so I'd hate to brick it by not being able to load the new OS.
  16. So the second powerbook I got; the 240mhz model; the sound doesn't work. It's very strange, i opened it back up and checked the ribbon cable. When it starts up; you hear the chime, but then during the "starting up" screen there are a few crackles and pops from the speakers. The Volume and Brightness switches work. I updated it to run 9.2.2 via OS9 Helper; wondering if I have the wrong extensions turned off? Or a missing driver somewhere? I play a CD, Play a game, mess with the alert noises, nothing. Going in and turning all extensions on and seeing what i can get
  17. I like the 3400 better; just seems like a sturdier machine all around. The 3400's all have the active matrix screen, and the processor and ram ceilings are higher. Built in Ethernet is really nice as well. A few things I will say for the 1400 though: -Keyboard is way better. If i had to go write the great American novel; i'd take the 1400 as a pure writing machine over the 3400 just because of the keyboard. -Slimmer profile; would likely travel better. -ADB and Audio In/Out on the back is better than on the left side like the 3400; i also li
  18. The second 3400c came in; very first thing i did was pull the PRAM Battery. I swear the hardest part is getting it off the double sided tape; stuff is the stickiest surface i've ever encountered. Took all my finger strength plus an exactor blade to slowly get the battery off of there...
  19. Anything that can be done about this (the red area on left side of screen) or does it just mean my LCD is on it's way out? Just shows during startup; though there is some small distortion on that side of the screen when in Finder. Happened when zapping dead PRAM battery during the first week i owned it. TY if there is a possible fix to know about short of screen replacement.
  20. I will admit i just snipped them because i don't intend to ever replace these batteries or fully disassemble the laptop. Seems to be working fine so far; and if i were to be able to source a replacement i could easily re-wire.
  21. Nice! Wish i saw stuff like this in the wild around here. Fond memories of Snow Leopard; probably my favorite OSX
  22. @just.in.time can you post a link for the SD to PCMCIA card you have? I tried one from Amazon but it didn't work properly. Using a CF to PCMCIA now which is great but SD would be ideal because it would be one less adaptor i'd have to use. Thank you sir!
  23. So i have been mulling over what to do about the PRAM batteries in these machines....they have one each and they are clearly visible when you pull out the battery cell. Rather than taking hours to fully disassemble each machine; i was thinking of just snipping the black/red wires with a tiny pair of scissors, effectively disconnecting the batteries while leaving them in place. I think this might cause less damage than trying to pry up the old plastics; and these small cell type batteries aren't as prone to leakage as other types. Can anyone give me a thumbs up on this
  24. I didn't pay $500 for the 240Mhz, he was just asking that. Offered $125 and settled on $175 which i thought was reasonable as the top spec models always seem to fetch more and this one is in really good cosmetic condition and comes with a bigger RAM board than i currently have. Random question guys: My PCMCIA card ejects when i start up my machine. Is there a setting/switch to just let it stay inserted somewhere?
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