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  1. Yep, looks like it, there's liquid and corrosion by all the capacitors. I just washed the board after removing all the RAM, VRAM, etc... and it looks like the liquid is gone, though there is noticeable corrosion on some traces, vias, and components. I'll replace all of them once it's done drying, and check for continuity on the damaged traces.
  2. Looks like SCSI CD ROMs are actually more expensive than a caddy on eBay right now, so I think I'll go with that instead, unless I can find one at a hackerspace I go to. I also happened to get the AAUI-to-RJ45 adapter with it, so I can probably use that. Is OS X 10.5.4 on the powerbook too new to write floppies? By the way, I found a fascinating System 7.5 download on winworldpc that has a DOS/95/98 utility packaged with it that allows you to make mac formatted System 7.5 install disks. Also, can I eventually use a 68/60 pin SCSI hard drive with an adapter as the main HDD?
  3. I had read somewhere that unless the SCSI bus was terminated, it wouldn't chime, so I connected an old HDD because I didn't have a terminator. (do you need only one device to be terminated e.g the CD drive? I'm not familiar with SCSI.) Also, why do I need a SCSI CD player/burner when there's already one in the computer? All I need to do is buy a caddy for it. Will a Powerbook G4 with a USB floppy drive work for writing disk images? Looks like winworldpc.com has a full system 7.5 install, with the Disk Tools image along with it. Also, I'm capable of recapping the board myself, c
  4. I forgot to mention that I reseated the RAM and VRAM both of which had four cards in the slots. As for NuBus cards there are none. So what you're saying is disconnect all the SCSI devices and try to boot without any plugged in? Also, I've tried a PRAM zap and putting it in standard TV mode, since I don't have a 15 pin to VGA adapter. One more thing, how do I boot from a floppy? Thanks, -Alec
  5. Hi all, My Quadra 840 AV which I recently acquired from the roadside, has no video output, chime, or hard drive. There was a note attached to it that said it needed a new PRAM battery, so I replaced that. Still no chime, most likely because of the missing HDD. I remembered I had a 50 pin SCSI hard drive from a Classic II that wasn't working, so I tried using that to terminate the SCSI cable. It would start up, seek the HDD, wait 20 seconds, seek again, and would continue in that fashion until I turned it off. Yet again, no chime. I don't have the caddy for the CD ROM drive,so I have no w
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