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  1. It's been a long while since I recapped my Portable, and it was working fine for a while. Now it seems to have this issue. It chimes, then makes a beep sound and then sad macs with this error code. The 03 seems to be constant, the FF sometimes is FD or other codes. Where to start?
  2. Hi guys, Found a non-working Outbound 125 for 100$ online today. By non-working, they mean they keyboard battery was dead :P. Yeah it boots up no issues, got the 40MB hdd pre-installed with all the Outbound software and what not. How much is this thing even worth? Its in decent shape and its got the external floppy and manual and keyboard cable and the bag.
  3. oh I already figured out it was a broken trace on the NMI line...ran a patch and it booted no problems.
  4. 1) Screen is reflective...if you angle it in the sun/bright light correctly it will seem alright but it will always be somewhat dim...to almost unreadable depending on ambient conditions. Make sure your head is not in the way of the light to the screen. 2) Seems normal...old drives just sound like that. As long as it spins up and doesn't make a loud whine instead of spinning up, you're fine.
  5. Hi guys, I just finished recapping my Mac Portable(whew!). Anyway...it still wont boot. It sad macs at an Error: 03001300 / 00001FFA. This is the same error I had when I powered it up before the Recap. Also, this being powered off a working battery. I tried resetting the power manager by pushing the buttons on the side for 10s and for 3x in a row. Also...the HDD tries to spin up but isn't able to. The machine will start up every time pushing the space bar AND will shut off with the buttons on the side. Where should I troubleshoot next?
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