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  1. FWIW, EETools recently added the TBP28L22N to its list of supported ROMs after I sacrificed a few for another project I was working on. So, if you can find someone with a TopMax you should be good to go. I have some blanks if you have the image. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Don't mean to hijack, but curious to know the details of your SSD drive(s). My TAM doesn't seem to like this mSATA/IDE adapter combo I'm workin' with.
  3. Appreciate the update. I'd rather do away with the Mac-in-the-middle, but I'm also trying to use some powerline-ethernet adapters that may be giving me grief.
  4. Well, not sure what to say here other than installing 8.6 seemed to help things considerably. Currently using a switch capable of 10Mbit and another Mac with Internet Sharing enabled, as I could not get DHCP to work. Regardless, things are in a good place now, and AppleShare via home NAS works great for getting files to the TAM versus trying to hit the web.
  5. Hello all, I've finally gotten around to setting up my TAM after a long period in the box. I picked up an Apple Comm Slot II ethernet board about two years ago and stored it away. I've installed it in the TAM, and noticed briefly the green link light, but cannot for the life of me remember which combination of cabling caused it to light up. Am I wrong, or is this a 10Mbit card? Does it support full duplex? Or better yet, auto? Besides the TCP/IP control panel (and the extension(s), is there any other trick to getting this thing working?
  6. @Kai Robinson I’ll be your huckleberry. I have a donor board (albeit, with no known battery damage) and an underutilized Hakko FR-300. If you’re still looking for paying volunteers, lemme know.
  7. @Trash80toHP_Mini I’ve got family in town, and limited time to work on this while they’re here. Working on buzzing out connections to compare to what you have done so far and maybe fill in the blanks. Almost done with U3; it’s a busy one! What are the chances these GALs have had their fuses blown? Pretty good, I suppose?
  8. I've considered tacking the 68000 to the Performer as a quick test, but I suspect U7 will absolutely be needed. Using an ohmmeter and visual inspection I was able to determine the following (for what it's worth): I'll try and pick up some better hardware to buzz things out more completely if it'll help.
  9. I have not verified power at the accelerator. The only visual differences between the SE and Plus/Classic models appear to be the GAL at U7. That GAL appears to connect to the CLK line on at least the PDS and 68-pin 68000 connector. I don't have good visuals on the rest of the lines. For grins, I connected the other Performer to the PDS slot of the 68000-less motherboard and got the same results: thick, vertical lines. Upon installing a 68000 into the now-installed socket, the SE chimed and booted up as expected.
  10. For those interested, I finished soldering the DIP64 sockets to the Performer and the SE motherboard, and connected them using 1x32 strips: Installed the RAM, reinstalled the board, closed the case, and fired it up: There was no startup sound played, only the thick, vertical lines you see here. I haven't ruled anything out, yet, and may try the other Performer in the PDS slot without the 68000 installed to see if there are similar results.
  11. With some spare time at hand, I've taken upon the task of determining whether or not the MicroMac Performer 68030 upgrade for the Macintosh SE can be installed directly to a DIP64 socket on the motherboard rather than the using the SE PDS slot. This would be similar to operation on a Macintosh Plus, except rather than piggyback onto the stock 68000, the 68000 would be completely removed. I have two of these cards, and this one will serve as the test subject on a second Macintosh SE motherboard: Tonight's goal was to remove the PDS connector from the acceler
  12. @Trash80toHP_Mini Were you able to determine whether or not the MicroMac accelerator would work without the onboard 68000? IIRC, you were looking to mate the accelerator board with the main board with a socket and 1x32 connectors rather than the Killy Clip, but maybe I misread that. I have the SE version of the card without the GAL at U7. Any idea what that does in a Plus/Classic and why it’s not needed in the SE?
  13. Found this thread very interesting and was disappointed to see it drop off nearly 8 months ago! Were you all able to make any progress since February?
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