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  1. I have one of these from an SE I picked up a few years ago but seldom use. It throws up a nice Prodigy banner during boot. I haven’t tinkered with it or run benchmarks but I do know it does not have an FPU installed. One question i have might be, if it has an 020 and MMU, is it essentially a Macintosh II, thus could be seen as such by A/UX? I recall having to remove RAM on the SE logic board in lieu of the Prodigy’s RAM. Also I remember it fit kind of weird but I never really use that SE and would consider trading it away…
  2. No luck... I have even installed a fresh image on another Pi 4 (400 actually). I can see that netatalk is failing on both Pi's, I just don't know why... I know it's technically beta on the Pi 4 but I can't think of why that would matter here. May 18 17:46:25 macippi netatalk[16460]: Starting Netatalk services (this will take a while): eth0: multicast may not May 18 17:46:25 macippi netatalk[16460]: atalkd is already running (pid = 1287), or the lock file is stale. May 18 17:46:25 macippi systemd[1]: netatalk.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
  3. @mactjaap I've been working with the VM and Pi 4 versions of MacIP for some time now but have only been able to connect over AFP by IP address (which rules out System 7 and earlier). I can't figure out why it never populates in Chooser. I have a Ubiquiti/UniFi home networking setup - not terribly complex not plug & play either. Do you have any ideas on what could be knocking down the AppleTalk packets? (I also have an AsanteTalk bridge but nbplkup doesn't list it)
  4. I'd be happy to try if anyone wants to trade me one The only PowerCache I have is a non-P33 model - which I've read here should work in the SE/30 but it's a PDS card. I don't see why it wouldn't work... that's what I have to do to the PPC 601 cards to run A/UX on my IIci, 700 and 950 (though it requires a shut down and not just a restart to get that PM 5200 startup "bong")
  5. Because it's probably the best machine to run it, I enjoy working with a CLI and Lord knows I have enough 7.6.1/8.1 machines (though I think my 950 has an 8.5 folder). I'm sure my wife and friends outside of this hobby of ours could ask precisely why one would want to play with 30-yr old computers, much less repair them. That surprises me - you are much more enlightened than that
  6. That's all I use my 950 for. You haven't lived until you've gotten an A/UX box talking to an SGI and a NeXT with a full TCP/IP and OpenSSL stack.
  7. Yeah, that’s the same failure “chime” (minus the blips) that the other PPC 601 cards for Quadra PDS have, which include the nice brass flourish on boot that I think was taken from the 5200.
  8. Plus the ability to run A/UX, since DayStar apparently never got around to adding compatibility for the 040.
  9. Ha! It has been a while, for sure... I still have the Turbo 601 but I'm not the one to figure this out... it's way out of my league but I'd certainly consider lending it out if someone wants to take a crack at it.
  10. AR - I just got a 550c with 167 MHz PPC and LOVE IT! I also put a SCSI2SD in it over the weekend. Internally, it works great. One of the things I saw on Low End Mac, after a ton of troubleshooting is that neither the PB 100- nor 500-series supply termination power to external SCSI (in our case the HDI-45)... at first I thought it was the adapter or the nature of the HDI interface but it's apparently a model "feature" or limitation. I can take the drive, plug it in to the DB-25 on my TAM and it books right up. I don't have a 5V adapter via molex or barrel adapter so I ca
  11. Thanks, @JDW - I knew you would be able to weigh in I asked about 一 because my 145B keyboard has it screened onto the 1 key - but I understand sensibilities change over time and someone obviously decided, as you say, that the JIS layout was just too cluttered. As to why? Well, the 550c was only sold in Japan so it makes sense to have a JIS keyboard... so if I can't find the original 550c model in black, the next best thing is to steal a gray one from a 520c. Thanks for the great Macworld story!
  12. I misspoke - I meant for my 540c. So donor 520c gives up the LCD to the 540c that has a bad lower half (ribbon cable maybe?) and Japanese keyboard to the 550c.
  13. That's true. I wanted the option for a JIS keyboard instead of US. Since my last post, I found exactly what I needed for the time being - a 520c on eBay with a missing trackpad and not in the best of conditions, BUT a kana/Kanji*** keyboard and replacement LCD to donate to the 550c. I don't mean to hijack the thread but at the end of the day, I want to have the correct original Japanese keyboard on the 550 - one in black and one in gray (from the 520) *** @JDWcan set me straight because I know JIS is the industrial standard which includes writing systems but, aside from
  14. @CC_333 What about outside of the 500 series? I have a 550c coming from Japan but, strangely, it has a standard US keyboard. If the 550c itself is rare, I imagine a black 550c Romaji/Kanji keyboard is even rarer but would, say, a 190/3400 keyboard work in it?
  15. How about ROM-inator ROM images for writing to SIMMs with various configurations and sizes (e.g., w/ Turbo 040 driver, w/ RAM check disabled, ROM disk, regular vs. MEGA SIMM) STL files for 3D-printed case/chassis parts, bezels, etc. (i.e., true parts and not a Mac Plus Apple Watch holder) I've seen both of these topics scattered across posts and it might be a good thing to have them all on the same page - it would probably encourage others to contribute.
  16. I'm not back in town until next week. I'll attach a pic. Aside from the 'stub' that the card plugs into, everything else is inside the case - but yeah, maybe a spring-loaded slot next to the brightness knob or programmer switch.
  17. I have the same issue with one of my Q700s - I still haven't found the issue. I thought it was a PRAM issue where it was corrupted (and went through all sorts of acrobatics to get Sticky Keys installed so I could navigate through TechTool and fully zap PRAM)... clearly it's not impossible and there appear to be at least 3 of us with this issue. Maybe my thread can help provide some data points.
  18. I use this microSD extender and actually thought it would be neat to thread it through the security lock slot (which you have to do from the outside) to minimize slack or pinch points. Just make sure you remember to disconnect it from the SCSI2SD before you rip the bucket off! https://www.amazon.com/LANMU-Extension-Flexible-Monoprice-Raspberry/dp/B01D9JIUU0/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=micro+sd+extender&qid=1581536701&sr=8-2
  19. Well, I did find out that, somehow, my DMM's 250 mA fuse had blown (it's opaque so I couldn't visually tell - I assume it's a ceramic - but there's no continuity). So I need to replace that. Should I be able to measure low current like this (less than 1A) using the 10A socket? As long as the range is properly set? Talked to the seller, he states it definitely was working without issue before he shipped so it must be something that failed spontaneously (and coincidentally) or failed due to internal damage in transit. I know voltage (potential) can exist witho
  20. Good morning! I will verify the condition of the DMM fuse when I get back to town. My DMM is nowhere near the quality of a Fluke. It does have 300mA/voltage and 10A sockets. I assume the 10A dial setting is for the range and not required for operating w/ the probe set to 10A. But I've been leaving it in the default/300mA socket since we're talking about 60-90 mA fans.
  21. Haven't forgotten about this request. I'm happy to do that as soon as I get back in town from Spring Break holiday... probably Wednesday. Maybe it's my DMM, but putting it in series (3P to 5P, 5N to 4P, 4N to 3N) with the fan measured 0 amps, which I know is invalid and suggests the circuit is broken. Now, when I measure voltage IN SERIES (which I believe represents the sum of the voltage drops across each component), it's also 0. So, if I did everything right, this means the fan isn't working? But connect it to a 9V battery again and it spins up.
  22. I've been boiling the belts in the two Cube drives I have, just to buy some time before they either break or stretch back out. Pictures would be appreciated. I bought what I thought was a Cube DVD-RW drive but the listing was wrong and it's a slot loader for a 2011 iMac. Would like to attempt a transplant since it's basically free to me (if I can use it, I won't claim the refund!)
  23. So, I had so many fans out, just for size comparisons, yeah - my scale is off. I had a couple of 1.0 and 1.2-amp fans that were obviously on the big side (~120 mm) and I didn't use them for this test. But I did have a pair of 40 mm units - 12 V @ 60 and 90 mA (not 600/900) and I know they electrically work because I used a 9V battery to power them. I agree, using something like a 12V sealed lead acid battery would be apples to apples but didn't see 9V as being a bad short-term power source (at least to rule out fan failure - debris, etc). They're obviously low torque so I'd assume you could co
  24. Hey Byrd - Thanks for your note! The TAM absolutely boots - in fact, it runs fine (until it freezes), which led me to take off the fat back and see the bracket fan wasn't running. I brought up the 9V battery since I used it to test the fans themselves to make sure they weren't seized up w/ crud. I read somewhere once that the secondary fan (that's mounted behind the outlet on the back case) only comes on when needed but I can't find that reference anywhere. On my other TAM, the fan comes on immediately, which is what I assumed is normal behavior for a 2-pin
  25. Hello all, I got a second TAM last week off of one of the Facebook groups and, like the one I bought last fall, it also came well-appointed w/ a Sonnet G3/400. After some machine freezes, I took off the Fat Back and saw the frameless in the HD bracket was not on. I've since been working on certain tests, to the extent of my "trained monkey" abilities. Fan header J17 next to the ROM/cache slot measures 12.00 volts across both pins. The installed fan, using bridge wires, runs off of a 9V battery. I don't have the specs on this stock fan since the label isn't
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