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  1. PB145B


    That’s really cool! I think I remember reading about these years ago. As for the display, it’s definitely a plasma. The electroluminescent displays were a very bright yellow, while plasmas were always orange. For example, the DynaMac used an electroluminescent display.
  2. Yeah, that “shadowing” on an active matrix display is a classic symptom of bad caps. That display should be 100% fine once recapped. Another symptom sometimes is the display looking washed-out until the unit warms up (I have seen this on some old Compaqs before).
  3. What @Daniël Oosterhuis said above is 100% correct. It is somewhat unfortunate though, because a Bondi clamshell would look killer!
  4. It can bend the thin pieces of metal that the heads are attached to, causing a cylinder misalignment, therefore rendering the drive useless. It’s not a given that it will happen, but it’s not impossible, so letting them clamp together is best avoided.
  5. It’s vintage item. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Prices can be all over the map. Either way, that is a pretty cool clone. Reminds me slightly of ‘90s Compaq Presarios, which I quite like.
  6. That could be it. Probably should have used a vintage Mac and Stuffit instead.
  7. Those are 256kbit so technically 512k total, but the Mac will still see 128k unless the board has been modified.
  8. Isn’t this the same Classic you had to bypass the ground pin on the plug to make work? I’d say you have a severe grounding issue somewhere.
  9. I was actually referring to ScottBarret’s Mac SE prototype, sorry! But still, thanks for those pics too!
  10. Absolutely! I really like the original LC.
  11. Great! Thanks for that link. Wow, that is an old thread.
  12. Would love to see some good, detailed photos of it, as there don’t appear to be any out there. The Mac Plus brightness knob is really interesting. Didn’t know about that. I also didn’t realize it’s beige and not platinum! That is totally awesome. Always loved those smooth SE prototypes!
  13. That’s crazy that the pin-out is different on them. I figured that was the same on all 64k RAM chips. Hopefully someone can tell you why it isn’t working, or where there’s a good source for the proper RAM chips. I don’t know, unfortunately.
  14. Oh, that’s nice! Great score! Does it work? Thanks for the pics by the way.
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