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  1. Fan swap cleared the problem. I then tried a modern replacement, an Arctic F8 silent. While I didn’t have fold over, there was a general constant flickering of the crt. Again everything looks great and solid with no fan. So going back to the original fan, I added a snubber cap across the fan terminals and this stops the fold over in a warm boot. It takes 5 minutes with the power switch On for me to be able to boot from adb without fold over. I thought this was an analog board I recapped - I might have botched something or switched it out a while ago. Who ca
  2. You’re right - this was a big issue on my first color classic - I had all sorts of video problems before figuring that out. on this one I went over all the grounding points when I first discovered the problem.
  3. I’m going to try a fan swap. I had limited success (Improvement, but not elimination) with a foil shield between the fan and the analog board. i may also try adding a suppressor cap across the fan terminals. i didn’t try external power for the fan, but I did try using clip leads to power the fan keeping it far away from the Mac - my thought at that point was that the load of the fan was throwing off the analog board. There was no fold over in that configuration. at this point I know it’s the powered fan in place that causes the problem. But it’s unclear whether
  4. I’ve now isolated the issue to the fan. If I pop the fan out of back, there’s no fold over, even with the back on. I’ve tried insulating the metal frame of the fan in case it was touching anything. No effect - fold over when the back was on. I then disconnected the fan wire, but leaving the fan in place. No fold over. I’ve tried adding grounded foil shields in between the fan and the crt neck, or between the fan and the analog board components below it - no real impact. I’m guessing the motor is putting electrical noise back into the 12v line, or generating EM i
  5. Hey all, I’m having trouble sort something out. I’m finishing up a nice color classic - stock logic and analog board, nothing crazy. with the case closed there are one or two scan lines at the top that are folded over. When I pop the case, shifting the CC forward, the crt slowly corrects itself. Then it’s fine, open or closed as long as I don’t turn off the power switch. if I run the cc without the back, using blocks to support the back of the chassis, no fold over. When I put the back on, fold over. ive spent a few days and nights trying to iso
  6. Well that would be turning the problem inside out, wouldn't it? I just did a roller transplant from my parts 180 to a portable. Pretty straightforward process as long as you disassemble the trackball pcb from the housing. This lets you slide the rollers off by lightly drawing the axles backwards, compressing the spring rather than trying to stretch the axles forward, risking bending them, popping and losing the springs, etc. Reattach the same way. Once the rollers are off you can just soak them in a dish of water - nothing stronger is really needed if you just let them soak. This poses min
  7. Hi all, Spent some time going through the forum posts today here and elsewhere, as well as slogging through the McMaster catalog... Has anyone found a good source for roller replacement for 1xx PowerBooks and the Portable? I haven't turned anything up yet. Seems to be more of a portable issue - the PowerBooks material seems like it's silicone based with a pretty long life, there the issue seems to be about scarring from overzealous cleaning some time in its past. The portables on the other hand seem to be a urethane or natural rubber which deforms over time... I know I can ha
  8. Yes, I read your thread on the subject. Does the metal inside those clutch assemblies commonly need to be stripped and lubed?
  9. Yep, I think I'll try clamping tomorrow. I've got nothing good to lose and maybe something to learn from this display at this point...
  10. Thanks. They stayed attached to the glass through the whole process, only came off the PCB. So, what now?
  11. Here are photos from three different attempts at reassembly.
  12. Hi all, I know about the importance of re-capping, using correct batteries and power supplies, and sorting out the stock hard drives on the portables. Aside from those and the typical keyboard & trackball filth and mechanical issues, what else "should" be done generally on a portable? Off the top of my head I wonder about two things - I've read about the frailty of the 5126 video cable. Can this be reinforced somehow? At what points and with what? Does the hinge or clutches need to be degreased and lubricated like on PowerBooks or is it a self lubricating plastic assemb
  13. Well, After several times trying to clean and reassemble, the display is still drawing patterns of horizontal and vertical lines. Some other technique aside from cleaning the zebra stripe with alcohol and refastening the panel to board needs to happen. While this particular panel was a test article from a parts machine, it's frustrating long term. It suggests that after using any of the desiccation methods to clear tunnel-vision, re-sealing the glass edges is not a real possibility. Any ideas?
  14. Yep, zebra stripe elastomeric strips. Using denatured right now. Hope it gets right before those metal tabs snap from bending fatigue. Also because even though the data is jumbly, optically the screen is a million times better after the four hour bake, even in the corners. The tunneling was quite bad on this guy. In the future I think the zebra should be cleaned before the bake. Any impurities that were there just got toasted on in the oven...
  15. So today I decided to try baking an lcd on a parts PowerBook 180 I have. Used the "warm" setting of 175 for 4 hours. I did not bake it with the circuit board. I straightened the bent tabs fastening the glass sandwich to the backlight and circuit board. After a decent cool down period I reassembled and tested the lcd. As I feared, lots of vertical black lines and a white ghost outline of the mouse pointer and question mark disk icon. I took it apart again, tried again and similar but different pattern wise results. Before the third time I noticed that there are cross hairs on th
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