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  1. What diodes did you add to drop the voltage of the 9v? My wire had the diode a while back but the diode burned out and I didn't replace it. I thought it was just a protection diode.
  2. So why not tie the two red wires together either in the bundle or on the motherboard? I thought one Input was for the 9v battery only and the other for the large battery? Does using only the large battery with no 9v fry things?
  3. Theoretically if one inserted a ram card while the 9v backup battery was active, (big pack removed but battery lid open) would that blow out this swim ic?
  4. Forgot to mention, if you boot to scsi it works but I get the Mac will shut down in 10 seconds message with a full battery and plugged in. So maybe still related to power regulation? Do you solder the resistor or just touch temporarily?
  5. Two follow up questions. What is the situation when your floppy drive won't boot and runs slow? I've seen two boards doing that now. Scsi boots fine. Machine is happy Mac otherwise. Internal and external floppy ports suffer the same. Even a floppyemu won't work. Is there an ic to blame? What does the 16-18 pin 1k resistor trick do, when should I use it?
  6. You are missing a tiny gold pin and a super tiny spring. .5 mm is my guess. If you find replacements for the spring, my guess is you could fashion a replacement pin from a machined socket pin perhaps. Although it's pretty small.
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