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  1. Hello ! I'm back After many readings and your answers. I know my card is in grayscale. To no longer have a blue screen, I connect the red, green and blue outputs together. And I get a nice picture in gray level. But I still have a problem. As you can see I miss a part of the picture on the left. It is not a problem of adjustment of the screen (size, position, etc ...). It is the card that generates this signal. If I move a window to the left part missing the horizontal area becomes darker. On the Finder, if i select a white background all screen with Desktop Background contro
  2. Yes in color mode i have not grade of colors juste a palette (of what i don't know, everything are blue )
  3. I'm sure about nothings some screenshots about my hardware Ed
  4. Ok I understand ! No driver for this card ! it's monochrome card. Monitors settings is GrayScale in 16 levels now. But my screen still blue. I gonna use this solution perform my hack, which fixes the blue screen of confusion problem have a nice day Tks for your help
  5. I noticed about VRAM and i tried to remove and i lost color (16 to 4). I replugged now. I tried to use grey scale mode but my screen still blue. i tried to find drivers for Radius for old mac on internet , but all links I found it's dead.
  6. I can't get more of 16 color always blue color I am on finder 7.5.5, I have no driver no software. I tried to load some soft from radius but extensions scratch my mac se
  7. Ok now I know I have the monochrone release It's for that I can set only 16 colors in monitors settings ? tks. pic of my card :
  8. Hi hunter44102 ! I solved my problem after read your link. Tks my mac se/30 can boot on Mac OS 7.5.5 Tks everyone for your help Eddy
  9. tks for all links, I have read many interesting things. have a nice week end Ed
  10. No I gonna read that tks everybody
  11. Hello ! I bought a ROM GGLABS MACSIMM to 2 reasons : Expand memory over 8Mb Boot in Hard Drive mode with my Floppy Emul The seller told me that IIsi ROM is flashed on it and tested. But something is curious : When I boot on floopy disk it's ok. Now if I try with the hard drive, the message "Welcome to Macintosh" is showed but nothing happens. idem with Floppy Emul in hard drive mode. Notice : When I boot on floppy disk I can't see any SCSI device. Have an idea about my problem ? Tks Eddy
  12. Hello everyone, I have an Macintosh SE30 with a Radius Pivot. When I connect a vga display (lcd ou CRT) i have image but blue color dominates et others color are very low. If someone have an idea An other question : With i can select only 16 colors max ? I believe this card can display 256 colors. tks Eddy
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