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  1. I'm wondering if there were any really nice interfaces for ProTools (good DACs, ADCs) on pre-OSX machines that would be available now for pennies? A lot of people say on the 2nd version of the Alesis ADAT machines, the pro 24 bit version, those converters are excellent and can be used over optical ADAT with a modern interface. Any gems made for Mac? I had the Echo MIA PCI card in the early 2000s, I was on Windows then but I know they also made Mac drivers. I like those converters, very warm. Maybe one of their larger systems with a nice G4? What are some other better brands to search?
  2. Glorious! How? I'm in System 7.1
  3. I can happily report that my Mystic CC has been running 132 mb very happily since I dropped the 128mb stick in a few months ago. That's 128mb stick + 4mb onboard. Actually, since I'm not really taking advantage of the memory, i've considered taking it out because of the ridiculous start-up time to count the memory. The unit powers on, makes its sound, and then the screen shows no sign of life for a very long time while counting, then boots to more memory than I need. I am thinking of trying to put seinfeld episodes into RAM disk, but otherwise I don't understand why I sought so much memory
  4. A CC I acquired was dead for quite sometime, and wouldn't turn on at all until I left the thing plugged into the wall with the master power (rear switch) on for two days, then hit keyboard button for soft power. Doesn't sound like that's exactly your problem, but if I were you try unplugging, cleaning and replugging in the drives that don't work and leave it soaking on those power mains for a good amount of time after that. I don't know a lot, but it doesn't seem like your PSU is shot based on what you're describing.
  5. Could a major factor for the dramatic rise in prices over specifically the few years be generational interest? I am shocked out how perfectly these posts predict my teenage embrace of the Classic Macintosh; last January I was poking around the internet at night and came across a picture of a Macintosh SE, and remembered how when I was in 2nd grade I'd played with it at school the entireday and wanted nothing more than to own one myself. It then occurred to me that because I had a job and because those computers had been rendered obsolete over a decade ago, it would easily be affordable to me.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if it would be plausible to operate a business that did just this and readying similar computers for use by children. I think that my 8-33mhz Macs, which aren't worth a whole lot, could be quite useful if not an adventure in themselves to children, the disabled, or really anyone who can't afford a "normal" (recent) computer. That said, just imagine how useful the 33mhz-400mhz computers that are often worth even less than the Classic Macs (I'm thinking old wintel boxes as compared to an SE/30) could be. I think that if you had an external CD reader and had CDs with the OSs
  7. Does spray paint always come off with rubbing alcohol? I have a perfectly functioning Plus that was Mac 'O Lanterned and would like to restore it the original color. Paint thinner has proved nearly useless.
  8. With the tape trick, I just had to get a whole bunch of 1.4 disks and eventually I found one that worked as 800k when taped. Good luck.
  9. If the CC has indeed been off as long as the auctioneer said it was, all the fancy upgrades were probably done expensively at a time way before all the VGA hacks were widespread on the internet and acceptable. I'm assuming that in 93-96, etc. the CCs were still too new (and thus valuable) for people to hack around with the solidering iron the way we are comfortable now. Plus, even the current VGA hack on the internet looks like it wasn't even refined until about 2004, which is likely way before all these upgrades were purchased and installed. Anyways, this is awesome and the beautiful pictu
  10. Good News: 128mb stick worked; Color Classic now reports 135mb of built-in memory. I have virtual memory off. Any use for RAM disk now? Bad news: Gah! Now that I have OT 1.1.1 installed, when I open TCP/IP it says that the previously selected ethertalk is not available, so its reverting to appletalk. In the Appletalk control panel, only the modem port and printer ports are options. Before, with my original CC logic board, I had similar issues with the CC not being able to switch Appltalk to Ethertalk, but not since the mystic switch. I just tried to use Network Installers 1.5 to put t
  11. The 128mb stick referenced above works correctly and fits in my Color Classic on the LC575 motherboard with 33mhz 68LC040!
  12. Great, I'll give OT a shot. I found this website from apple: http://download.info.apple.com//Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/Networking-Communications/Open_Transport/ Which version should I download? I'm capped at 1.3mb because my only way of transferring files to Macs from the internet is via 1.44mb floppy!
  13. Hi Folks, A few weeks ago, before my Color Classic was Mystical, I started a post at viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10285 trying to get it on the internet. Now that the system specifications and error messages have changed, I'm starting a new thread to try and troubleshoot why I can't make a connection. Right now I'm using the MacTCP control pannel and MacWWW browser over a Fallaron EtherMac LC card that came with my 575 logic board to connect to a Linksys Wireless/Wired router. I have followed the online instructions that I was pointed to so that Mac TCP is setup manually with the IPs and eve
  14. Um, I'm really looking for a 128mb module for my Mystic CC so I was about to jump on this but then I realized that this is 60ns. Many sites (including low end mac: http://www.lowendmac.com/500/performa-575.html) list the machine as using 80ns RAM. Is the 80ns a minimum or maximum? How much would you expect speed to deteriorate using 60ns?
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