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  1. MacSE

    Macintosh Plus

    I don't know how I didn't see the slot in the front. When I went to google this, I was searching for the wrong thing. Now when I google it, I see this exact model. Thanks for the tip.
  2. MacSE

    Macintosh Plus

    Thanks. I already have a Mac SE, and it looks great on the shelf next to it. I would reformat the hard drive if I didn't hear a lot of parts rattling inside the unit. When I move the hard drive up and down, I hear a lot of small parts moving around. I'm pretty sure it's an external hard drive, but I'm not 100 percent sure. Many cables were included with it. I tried connecting it to the computer, but nothing happened. It says POWER USER on the front along with 88 MB Mac Warehouse.
  3. MacSE

    Macintosh Plus

    Just picked up a Macintosh Plus for $20. It came with keyboard, mouse, an external SCSI hard drive that doesn't work, and a Targus carry case. It works fine as soon as soon as I insert a boot disk. It hasn't yellowed from exposure to UV light, and doesn't need to be retrobrighted yet. I couldn't pass up such a good deal!
  4. That's a really nice find! Those are pretty rare. I have never seen one in person before. What is the adapter for? I am not familiar with the Macintosh Workgroup Server, and there isn't a lot of documentation online.
  5. I recently picked up a Macintosh SE/30 at a local estate sale for free. (It was the last day of the sale and nobody wanted it.) I have a SCSI2SD ready to install in the computer, but I want to know if I can just copy the files off my System 6.0.8 boot disk onto the SD card, or do I have to buy an installation disk? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wow. I can't believe that someone would do that to a Macintosh 512k! I think that rubbing alcohol might work.
  7. I thought for a second it was on the back. Sorry!
  8. On the back of the external hard drive, there should be a "SCSI Selector." Change that from 0. Also, you may need to download a program and get it on your SE called "Apple HD SC Setup (Patched") to initialize the SCSI2SD.
  9. Th disk drive arrived early. I installed it and found that it worked! I also found an AztecMonster compact flash to scsi adapter and installed that too. It also works great. Thanks for your help!
  10. The disk drive should be arriving by next Monday, so I'll get it installed by Tuesday and see if it works. Thanks for all your help!
  11. Thanks. 800k is fine for me, since the startup floppy disk is also 800k. I will probably be using a SCSI2SD for most file transfer. Now to get a hold of that floppy drive!
  12. I found a replacement disk drive for the macintosh that has a model number Sony MP-F75W-01G. Will it work with the Macintosh SE? Thanks
  13. I finally opened up the mac. I noticed the floppy wouldn't go all the way into the floppy drive. It seems to be broken, although it ejects fine. It doesn't "see" the disk because the floppy's read head doesn't make contact with the disk. I am planning to replace the floppy drive soon, or at least get an external floppy. Also, I probably will be getting a SCSI2SD or AztecMonster CompactFlash to transfer files easily to the mac later on.
  14. I discovered that while the extender would fit into the screw hole and turn, the screw itself would not turn at all. It doesn't appear to be stripped, though. I don't know what is keeping the screw from turning
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