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  1. I did not know about that, nice ! I wonder if designing one would be worth it ? Pros : - fast to design - cheaper (especially because the one you suggest does not cheap to EU) If I can't find one to buy on ebay I'll do this little project I think I managed to loose a detailed post yet again! At any rate this might help you get off to a start with your PowerBook case project. Had a hunch and tore apart one of my L-shaped adapters, it uses a wire terminated part similar to or iden
  2. Hi, love your site, especially your scan collection. I noticed that there's a missing link in the Macintosh technical documentation series:


    Macintosh Family Hardware Reference sits between Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family and where Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware would be in a more recent version of the roadmap which you host on your site already an I couldn't a PDF anywhere online.


    I really want to keep mine bound, but I'd love to PayPal a donation of $8.50 toward the purchase of one. Are you in the USA? I'm poor as a church mouse, but positive I can get a couple up others to donate the remainder of the cost via PM if you'd like?


    https://www.amazon.com/Macintosh-family-hardware-reference $28.50


    It could prove most helpful in the Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction thread and that gang will surely chip in the remainder.



    On a side note, I've always wondered if a formatted text only version of the MacUser and Macworld could be done sans the artwork. One big PDF of each (both?) series in that format would be wonderful for keyword searching info on specific products. Then go to the artwork encumbered versions of specific issues for illustrations, historical context and such. I'd started a listing of the yearly indexes, but they are hard to locate, varying from year to year and seemingly missing from some years.


    Thanks so much for your efforts, especially hosting Gamba2, love your breakout of specific articles!




    1. pcamen


      Hey JT,


      No worries, I am happy to cover this for the team.  I just ordered a copy. 


      In terms of text only MacUser and MacWorld, I could probably hack together a python or perl script with some pdf libraries to extract the text.  But I'm not sure about formatting.  Hmm.  The PDF files are first and foremost images, which text added after the fact via OCR.  So if you remove the images, you would just have text left, unformatted.  . 


      What I typically do is just search using spotlight on my Mac at the top level where I have all my magazines and books, all of which have been OCR'd.  That brings up matches and shows what file they came from which is how I typically find things.


      Separate text files could be also used with grep, for a little more search control than spotlight. 


      What do you think?



  3. That checks out fine, it's not or shouldn't be a frequency problem, but TOBY doesn't play nicely with anything much newer outside of very capable high end multisyncs. https://www.vintageapple.org/gamba2/vid-mon-matrix.html Does the card show up in the slot reports of TattleTech, etc?
  4. I've never touched that Chip in operation, but I can't think it should be too hot to touch! First thing I'd do is pull the socketed expansion memory chips if those are installed and test again. https://lowendmac.com/1987/macintosh-ii-video-card/ What's the spec on that monitor? Those cards are very picky about monitor support. https://everymac.com/monitors/apple/classic_monitors/
  5. Someone warned in another thread recently that those types of adapters are to be avoided. Strain relief is provided by Apple's adapter cables. I heartily agree with that. I'll add to that the fact they also lack the slide-lock mechanism of Apple's HD50 connector on the cables. That lock makes a world of difference, I never had great confidence in using my MICRO EN/SC in the field, which uses the same type connector as the inexpensive L-shaped adapters, but in the office or at home I didn't worry too much about it. However, my high dollar T-shaped adapter from APS (with termination/
  6. LOL! Whacky notions from outside the box for solutions to problems were my stock in trade. Now I play at it for fun.
  7. I thought you guys'd get a kick out of that pic. I'm guessing the Modem uses the (missing) serial port of the 2300c and that it probably ties up the Modem port of the DuoDock and MiniDock, though I don't know from experience.*** That'd be the way things worked in the Performa era, Apple plugged up the Modem port connector on models with a ComSlot Modem. Who knows? The Dock and MiniDock are multi-function PDS expansion cards at Slot $E IIRC. Anything could go in such a setup, much did. As I'd said, these are the only Modem specific lines I found on the Docking Connector:
  8. Definitely +1 for AbeBooks, looked there first yesterday and search reported the title was sold out. Didn't know Amazon owned them or I'd have been more hesitant to use them in the past. Finally got past my hatred of Amazon, now it's just skin-crawly when I buy from there. This time a couple of Amazon prices are lower: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0201192551/ref=tmm_pap_used_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=used
  9. LOL! Gotta love the listed prices for new books And that only gets you the paperback version! Click on the 7 used from $25 link to get over the sticker shock. I'm wondering if the selling of "new" books on Amazon angle is a faster, safer path to laundered money than the usual eBay schtick?
  10. It's ok for normal use, but not for gaming. The amount of colors will reduce the RAM from the powerbook. You can see it in the Screenshot That means less colors are better. You can use two diplays, one Monitor at each port. Right now I try different setups. Ok for Text. But all the extensions will blow up the System. +1 on the kudos! Why are you selling the setup after so much TLC? Interested in the lockup issues, what version of the PowerView drivers are you running? ISTR having the original (rebranded by Radius) SUPERMAC SuperView up and running for a bit on my 5
  11. I just toss my crazy notions out there to see what happens. Unfortunately, this stuff is way above my pay grade, so I'm hoping someone will run with that project as you suggested.
  12. Maybe someone can chime in with the product name? I recall a serial port/modem kinda thing for PowerBooks that significantly enhanced throughput.
  13. Simple two sided PCB, can't be much to it.
  14. I'm not sure the circuit could fit into that form factor easily. What is the use case you're thinking of? First off the, Duo 2300c, it has both SCSI and IDE cable availability for a 2.5" HDD so a new hardware board could be combined with an IDE to SD card. Also thinking about the PowerBook 150, but that would require bodged wiring to the HD-30's thruhole solder cones. One suggestion to consider would be doing a riff on the PB FDD form factor. You could take power off the FDD cable. Position the Micro-USB connector at the door and provide for a printed case plug-in
  15. Loving the progress of a great project! Any chance of eventual reduction of the size to match a 2.5" HDD and adding thruholes for the headers outside those for the DB-25?
  16. Nope, Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware Second Edition is the book @quorten was referencing and it's available on vintageapple.org already. Got that one new off the shelf in the day, it's the 1990 update to the three part series. Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family is the first book on the map and may suffice Macintosh Family Hardware Reference has (more or different?) info for the SE and Mac II, that's assumed to be understood in GttMFH2e. So MFHR is the one to search for in .PDF out in the wilds. Unfortunately abebooks is sold out, but you might find a hard copy a
  17. I haven't been around for a bit so I'm not up on the last several pages and I don't know if they've been referenced. So if you haven't yet, check out the two years earlier Macintosh Family Hardware Reference which covers the transition from the "Classic Macintosh architecture" to the "Macintosh SE architecture" in what ISTR as a bit more in depth. Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware assumes an understanding of that tome and both assume an understanding of the one year earlier Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family, which describes the Classic Macintosh architecture. Roadmaps to Mac
  18. When the Duo's Docked or MiniDocked, it's definitely the Duo's internal modem that's active via the Internal DAA relay/repeater/whatever thingie. I've mislaid my camera, but when I find it I'll post pics of the boards, it's certainly not a modem, but looks to have the oomph parts for driving the phone line from the data feed. What's most interesting to me would be the state of the standard serial ports when the internal modem is in use. For the Quadra 630 and its offspring, when ComSlot Modem was standard equipment, there was a plug blocking the useless Modem port. You needed to re
  19. Cool, can't wait to see what happens next in your other thread. I've got three of these modem relay boards on the bench, one of which is from the disassembled MiniDock. Didn't look into it further yesterday, but my suspicion about it being a relay board was based upon lack of integrated logic. The single IC on the board is a decade counter: MM74HC. What's really interesting is that the Duo Modem looks to be operating outside standard Macintosh serial port configuration. Both Serial and Printer ports are implemented in the MiniDock and Dock while the internal Duo Modem remains opera
  20. I love watching progress of the various development projects, but they're scattershot across the forums and not easily understood by TechnoNoobs like myself. Could someone knowledgeable please start a thread in Hacks linking to the various projects with primer level abstracts for each?
  21. Dunno if this may help you here or for another developer's project? But you never know as the only stupid question . . . DuoDock and MiniDock both lack Ethernet and use the same modem (relay?) daughtercard. Wondering if re-purposing these docking connector lines to it might enable breaking 10bT or Wifi out to the docks? 143____ DAA CNTLF___Modem DAA control 144____ DAA ID IN_____ID input from 152-pin connector to Modem card 145____ /RING DET____Ring detect signal from the modem DAA 146____/RB DVR_______Modem relay B driver 147____/RA DVR_______Modem relay A d
  22. I've been watching those combo SCSI developments closely as well, hoping for a PowerBook 100 solution. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I'll drop the tangent at the end of this post. Sorry, you got me thinking, maybe someone might take interest in doing a parallel post or project. While SCSI is a big improvement over serial comms, the Duo family and the 1400 represent a special case.**** They've both got fairly ready internal access to the PBX bridged I/O bus. For all practical purposes it's a a full 6803
  23. Weren't all PowerBook modems "Soft Modems," relying on the main board's bits and CPU to do the heavy lifting? Other thread? Interesting notion here, great fun to be had! But better I think to base a Duo NIC/WiFi solution on the power button card's available surface area, populating it with a SCSI based solution? TLDR: Tangential Suggestion: Almost twenty years ago l looked into an alternate approach to Duo 2300c/WiFi that would be compatible with the 68K variants I'd think. The PB1400's PCMCIA subsystem has the cage itself installed on a removable PCB daughtercard
  24. Card spec? There are several, much depends upon which card type: three machine types/interfaces, BNC/DE-9 connection variants spanning pre/post Slot Manager architectures. Add early/late refresh rate differences as well? Testing done on my various multisync displays: Got a "serviceable" image on the 17" Sony Triniton from the rugger's bedroom setup for the Q630 release era back in that day. Scaling issues identified in that thread await experimentation with the Extron RGB-HDMI 300(A) in the next month or so. Use by Feb.1 vacation/holiday time has me working only a
  25. Like we needed proof of your dedication? I've been watching with much interest, nice toys there, rock on!
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