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  1. Thanks, I'll have to study that carefully. I may just give it to my son, he's got a newer MacBook Pro with USB-C.
  2. Does this display post-date the SevriceSource era? If not, linkage? If so, does anyone have a link for a good take-apart video? Feeling good about it for a third reason, from the looks of the VESA mounting plate installed, it was set up on a sophisticated system, leading me to believe the owner went 4K and dropped it off at recycling, leaning it against the wall rather than chucking it into the dumpster?
  3. The cable/connector has been taped over for strain relief, so it sounds like there may be hope that this is a good panel. I'll see if my friend still has the Mini he offered me. If it's Thunderbolt enabled I may have a nice new toy. Thanks gang, keep 'em coming. edit: love the notion of installing a new controller board with HDMI inputs and scaled support for 1920x1200 over DVI.
  4. Thanks, very interesting. My girlfriend's MacBook Air 2018 won't be able to drive this honking beast of a 1440p Panel?
  5. Found this Thunderbolt Display last night. A friend from work had recently given me a MacBook Pro 1286 that has Mini DisplayPort but predates ThunderBolt? Is there any way to use this (don't even know if it works yet) Thunderbolt Display from anything newer or older than its Thunderbolt connector interface?
  6. Nice compatibility table, great info there! If field tested, there's certainly no need whatsoever for a citation. I'd still put a 21" 24bit card in mine were I to play with it again. Wish I could find my Q630 board from the day, testing the 950 against it using the Illustrator rev I was using in that time frame would be fun. That one I used at home in 8bit at 16" while the kid was asleep inn the bed next to the custom desk. 24bit at that resolution on the 950 would be sweet, but 8bit was fine. The 17" Sony Trinitron multisync would have handled the 19" resolution just fine.
  7. LOL! The playing with classic releases of Photoshop on period specific hardware experience would be what that's all about. Thanks for confirming the LEM article's blurb about running 19" @16bit. That seemed strange, so I went to everymac to confirm and no mention of it there, so I went with quoting that info, which is usually right where LEM is often wrong. In some cases it's LEM that gets it right, but much less often. LEM: The 950 can display 16-bit video on a 19″ monitor without the need for a third-party video card. video: 1 MB VRAM, expa
  8. Adding VRAM can better or worse than going NuBus depending upon your intended use. If you're just gaming you probably don't need more than 1MB of RAM and on board video is better for that by definition. If your games support 16" resolution @24bit the 2MB upgrade is likely worth it, but that doesn't seem a likely scenario. That's about the only thing adding a second MB of VRAM nets. 950 does 21" resolution at 8bit in 1MB of VRAM already. everymac.com *By default, the Macintosh Quadra 900 only supports a single display, but a
  9. Thanks so much for chiming in with solid info, as I said I was very tired and apparently IDNRC at all. I'll be reading your explanations with great interest as well.
  10. Not sure about your question? IIRC, the Extron Scaler outputs a 1080p signal at 60Hz that syncs with any available 1080p display. Including the bog standard, 60Hz ONLY 42" Toshiba TV that does triple duty swinging/pivoting over to Main Workstation on left or Hackstation on right or serving up movies from DVD/BD straight at the bed from the TelCo Rack sitting between the two and almost directly at the headboard in my bedroom. You'd be setting up the output specs for any given VidCard as the input specs for the Extron Scaler. It then starts throwing however many pixels th
  11. It's a pic of @maceffects one off(?) Fireball lid. SLA I think and he was considering a run of them in the SLA process. I'm still interested. Exactly, I've been thinking clear mounting bracket for FDD and upright HDD. One day I'll get around to fabbing a clear plexi proto-chassis compleat, but that's a far way off.
  12. Very nice, looking forward to developments ans docs. It's interesting that an expansion card from that era would still list a hard drive as a requirement? At some point available disk space became a commonly listed requirement.
  13. I went through a rough period of ergonomic adjustments for using badly designed display setups. The Mac (SE) was the worst, but easily fixed. "Ramps" were available, but I fabbed my own from quarter inch Plexi. Bent a piece so the front was about 2.5" tall, the ramp matched the footprint and the backside bent up about a half inch or so to keep the SE from sliding off and keep the ports clear.. Made a world of difference. A ZFP peripheral underneath raises the screen, but tilting it back instead is far more comfortable experience.
  14. Fabulous quality time journey through technology with your son. Have fun, can't wait to see the results.
  15. Maybe switch to HD15 on the backplane and do your 832x624 VGA conversion within the custom cable build. That's my plan for a IIsi installation.
  16. Indeed! Monitor''s Control Panel doesn't work for both, seems to me it should, but I'm still half asleep.
  17. This looks like a great discussion to break out into a dedicated hacks thread, but if that doesn't happen: The Gamba gang worked this solution out for SE/30 stuffing thirty some years ago. No special adapter sled required for conventional HDD in SE or SE-FDHD. But I'd rather see a printed bracket bolted up to the side of the FDD stack. Using one of the current storage media solutions. Using FDD mounting screws as the wedge point, obviates the requirement for irreversibly drilling holes in the chassis. Power requirements would be minimized while providing any numbe
  18. A makeover of the 5120 board will be awesome when you get enough time for the project. In the meantime, what I'd like to see you play around with would be a generic interface board for the LCD. Then Bolle's SE/30 board could be adapted to fit the Portable form factor using the 12V input ATX power supply developed for the LC? No longer battery Portable, but lots of fun to be had with existing building blocks while you work out a way to knit together the 5120's proprietary parts? Rebuilding those will be crazy complicated, no? Following your topic closely, I like your notio
  19. The PDS connection should pry apart easily using just your fingers on the SE. Doing it gently/firmly at both ends alternately where the board mounting flanges are located should do the trick. You'll mostly touching the circuit boards. Some connectors have shallow grooves for twisting a screwdriver on the sides.
  20. Might could be, but the only thing that'll get me into Tiger/Classic will be Final Cut Studio and I haven't gotten around to loading, much less playing with Final Cut Pro in OS9. I've finally found a 27" 1440p Panel that supports 1920x1200. It's more than I'd like to spend, but it'll dangle my toes in the deep end of the pixel pool.
  21. Very very nice! Might I suggest adding a straight row of headers duplicating the connector on the board. Female to female jumper wires could then be color coding matched row to row for those without proper cables. The PCB would then be useful for any proprietary iteration of DE9 or even the CoAx connection on Radius Cards. There's a bare Radius FPD card on eBay ATM that could use such a board.
  22. Very interesting, I'll have to check that out in the docs. Wondering which PCI bridge they used in the BG3s, maybe the same bridge as the 6400/6500? The third PCI slot would be where that function wound up if it that happens to be the case? I'll check my NICs to see if they match your list or not. Great work @chelseayr
  23. Should be simple enough to design a breakout board PCB with VGA HD15 connector mounted to the original backplane cover plate.
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