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  1. I have SUM II on floppies. If anyone wants it, I can image it and upload it somwehere
  2. Yep, my SE's battery is soldered too. Still works, but probably not for long. It was, after all, "Made in West Germany", a place that ceased to exist before I was born
  3. The peg that goes through the hole on the broken end is still mostly intact, so the SIMM seems to be secure in the socket. However, I'm not sure if the wires can easily be soldered to the pins on the underside of the SIMM while it is in the socket. The SIMM is 1MB. I have never soldered anything before in my life, and I do not even own any of the tools I would need to do this. Do you really think this would be simple enough for someone with absolutely no experience like me? I recently watched thetechknight's videos where he repairs several SE/30 boards that someone severely failed
  4. I spent about an hour today trying to find somebody who carries right-angle 30-pin SIMM sockets, and it seems that nobody at all sells them. It would therefore seem that I'm restricted to kludgy hacks. The SIMM is still held in place by the broken socket, so glue may not be necessary. Also, I may be wrong since I know practically nothing about hardware on this level, but the metal bits of the socket for pins 1 and 3 appear to be intact despite being exposed and bent, so it may be possible to just solder them to the SIMM. The only trouble then would be pin 2, which would probably need to be rep
  5. It is a Total Systems 020/030 accelerator, with an SE PDS connector. It can also be attached to older Macs by using a killy clip (which I don't have). I forget the exact name of this accelerator, but it says PCB #80042 on it. I'll see if I can find the box and manual later (I know I have them somewhere). The angle is 90 degrees, with the RAM parallel to the accelerator board.
  6. I acquired a 68030 accelerator for a Macintosh SE years ago, and stupidly broke one of the 30-pin RAM sockets shortly after I got it. I do not have soldering skills, nor do I know anyone I would trust with something like this. Does anyone know how I might be able to get this fixed? I'm also considering giving it away to someone who can fix it. Pictures of the damage are attached.
  7. Hmm, my SE does something similar when the System file is present but not the Finder file. Not sure if this is related though.
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