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  1. Thanks! I'll try that. Something about a B&W display :b&w:
  2. I dug up my PB150, but it completely refuses to boot. The battery died so long ago it's not funny, but I have the big brick ac adapter. I've hit the switch on the back (reset?), tried it with the battery in and out, and let it sit for a while. Nothing. Is it just a paperweight now?
  3. Wow, that is in pristine condition I'm guessing it didn't get much use in the past. I have my 550Ti from early 2002 still. It works and the battery holds a minor charge, but it isn't nearly as clean as yours. Mine was a victim of the Ti Paint Problem.
  4. The idiot being me, of course I have a 2100 sitting around, and the battery is just about toast. I'd like to get my hands on the AA battery tray, but Newton bits & pieces are very hard to come by in Japan now. Is it possible to rebuild the battery pack? How? How hard is it?
  5. At Ease ... good memories of that program. Everyone I've met hated it, but I liked it
  6. I've had a core solo Mini sitting around for a while, it's split between OS X & XP. I'd like to erase the OS X part and put Ubuntu on it instead. Is this possible? I've Googled instructions but they look a little daunting (yes, I have Linux experience.) Is it as difficult as it seems?
  7. Maybe I'll get my screwdrivers out and perform a little surgery
  8. Thanks for the advice, but ... reset that and the PRAM but it's still not working. Now it just boots to a gray screen and nothing else. FWTDM still doesn't work.
  9. My 12" PB is on the fritz again. The optical drive died a while back and I was able to use FWTDM to reinstall, etc, etc. I just got the flashing ? again now, but I can't reinstall because FWTDM is not working. When I restart holding down T all I get is a blank screen. How can I get around this? I don't have to go a' cutting, do I?
  10. Love the wood paneling Is that an old ImageWriter? Nice touch
  11. In that condition (and black) it's worth $5000. Those re-issued ones are hard to find. Originals w/lens go for about $2000+ Funny, Canon rangefinder cameras go for a fraction of the price
  12. I used to really like Netscape Navigator 3. It's the first browser I got onto the internet with (well, after Lynx.)
  13. Gotta love the TAM. I got one a few years ago with everything but the radio antenna. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours :b&w:
  14. I thought about turning it into a headless server. Chuck a flavor of Linux on it, a DynDNS client and I'd be all set. They are noiseless and don't produce much heat. Hey, actually that's a good idea No thank you. My first iBook was that model. It currently has a busted CD drive and broken DC-in board. I was quote $500 in having that repaired so it's now in retirement back in the US.
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