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  1. Hi yes i can ship to australia in economic letter, will be around 5 to 7 euros i think, but will take like 12 days cause economic. for the price i understand it's expensive for you because of euro value (15 euro in europe for a tee is a normal price), but i'm printing very limited edition of shirts, sometimes only 1 or 2 on a sell if i don't have more buys, and silk screen printing is a long process and usually only used for large print series ( 100/ 200 piece), so i can't do a better price for now tee is gildan 185 gr like you can see on sell, it's nice quality shirt, and ink use
  2. hello guys, i'm starting a tees printing shop and i've done some apple models, there's one on sell on ebay right now : http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=220451574205 ps : oh i forget, if you want some design you'd like to see printed on a tee, just ask, and i'll try to do something
  3. great job, i guess i need to buy a dremel too for my lightning mac project.... i'm interested too on how to clean phosphor, i've tried some acid chimical i had on my garage, but it didn't work
  4. thanks for this info, so i can just plug power supply "alone" and if i heard the noise, that means power supply works ?? i can do it with no risk to damage power supply ?? i want to be sure i can do that and don't burn it
  5. hello i've found some old apple II parts with 3 power supply inside cases and 2 others one "alone" should i test them with the ATX pc way, putting a cable between green and black cable with multimeter on 20V and nothing else plug on it ??is there any risk to "burn" power supply ? thks for info, if you want to see all the apple II pieces i sell on ebay, you can check my sell page there : http://informatique-pda.shop.ebay.fr/items/Ordinateurs-de-collection__W0QQ_catrefZ1QQ_flnZ1QQ_sacatZ113186QQ_ssnZstefmozQQ_trksidZp3911Q2ec0Q2em282 i'm from france but will ship worldwide
  6. I really don't know if all these Apple II stuff is working, cases were in bad conditions, i think mother board should be ok cause even outisde stored, it's only electronic composants and the 512k had been power on even after taking rain, the 2 drives i've got seems not so bad inside (i've open them) no rust inside but i can't test them here's the link for drive 2, no auction on it actually, i've put it at 5 euros http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=220380472034 someone asked me if i can test power supply, i d'ont have any multimeter f
  7. salut superpantoufle he said it's cool to meet french people there
  8. thanks for the info about card. For the iron seller, it's not exactly that, he not sell just iron but very various old things from army (he has some helicopters parts, old jeeps), public administry (chairs, offices, racks...), olds tvs, parts of vehicules, etc... he has only a few of computers and he had one corner OUTSIDE his warehouse (what a shame to put that outisde, most of these has been destroy by rain and full of rust and moisture), that's there i founded the 512k wich was on top of the pile of pcs (i saw him immediately from like 50 meters and recognize a mac !), this is outside f
  9. hi i come back to the iron merchent and find some interesting things but in very bad shape (was storage outside like the 512k ) founded 3 apple II in bad condition and some others things (there is a LOT of laserwriter still there and apple monitors i don't take but i don't think they will work after taking rain, maybe i'll got them later) check what i've grab back home : http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/G87Y9A5mnSQxkJjaR5h7BA?feat=directlink you can check the picts of the pieces i take here : http://picasaweb.google.com/stefcoug/2009_03_18# i need help about this card :
  10. i don't strip off phosphor on monitor, i don't know how to do that, i need to try so chemical you are right. to cut neck, i used.... a hammer got a not regular cut, than i 've put some scotch tape around cut ( to try to not get a huge cut) and slowly get it regular with a little rounded pliers with cutting very little pieces of glass. than after cleaning glass remains i put again some scotch tape to not have cutting edge (didn't have any diamond or dremel:/) thks for the link, this is very interesting and yes, special glass painting should be too an interesting solution
  11. i uploaded some picts so you can see how the light system is. i tried to use original reflector but i can't put the bulb inside monitor with it, tried too to put light just into the case not into monitor. http://picasaweb.google.fr/stefcoug/2009_03_13#
  12. the lamp i use is a 20W halogen desk light, i'll take some shots to show it, problem comes from the screen, i've painted it with multi coats to get a nice effect (primary paint to give a "base" to paint, + 2 coats of white spray +2 coats of smile black stencil + 2 coats of varnish) all these coats of paint had lowered the transparency of the screen so when the light is on, the effect is very low with that light but at base theses halogen lights makes a high clean power light. the effect i tried to get was not to get a working high power light, but an ambiant light, and the effect i got on
  13. thanks for comments
  14. Hello, I decide to try some painting on a old Mac 512k i get from an "iron seller" (not sure of that word) wich was not working, it was very used caused it has been storage outisde, connectors rusted and plastic used, the mac was power on with the ? on screen, i tried to make it working but the floppy drive was broken, looked on ebay to buy another one but it was a little too expensive to try to get on working, so i decided to sell boards on ebay so they can profit to some mac addicts and keep case with screen to do a light-painted Mac. For those who want to do that and try to do that
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