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  1. Hi Tim, I have V3.5.2 installed on my SE/30 and it's working beautifully. My archive holds all 3 Disks. Do You want to send me Your eMail-address? I believe You'll need all three Disks, since it is V3.5.2 not V3.5.
  2. Thanks for Your reply. I know that thread. Sadly, it's only about the power supply, not about drivers.
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum, and what a gorgeous forum this is. My name is Guido. I am from Berlin, Germany and Mac User since the Centris 650 came out. I'd like to connect my PowerBook 170 to a Synology DiskStation via FTP (which works with my SE/30 with Ethernet card). Somewhere in the attic I stumbled over an ancient SCSI to Ethernet adapter, that I cannot find any drivers for. It's a CNET CN490e, a grey metal enclosure that has two SCSI DB25 connectors, an ID selector wheel, a digital ID-display and a row of LEDs. It seems to work, since the LInk LED goes green when conne
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