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  1. Maybe something nice to share. These are the Conrad part numbers for ALL the capacitors on the Color Classic analog board, and i can confirm these will work and fit: Elektrolytische condensator Radiaal bedraad 7.5 mm 5600 µF 10 V 20 % (Ø x h) 16 mm x 25 mm Würth Elektronik 860010280025 1x 2x Bestnr.: 1278760 - 89 Elektrolytische condensator Radiaal bedraad 5 mm 3300 µF 16 V 20 % (Ø x h) 13 mm x 35 mm Würth Elektronik 860080378026 1x 2x Bestnr.: 1280853 - 89 Elektrolytische condensator Radiaal bedraad 7.5 mm 3300 µF 16 V 20 % (Ø) 18 mm Panasonic EEU-FC1C332S 1x 1x Bestnr.: 1476129 - 89
  2. I my case it is just a unisolated metal plate.. The little hooks at the end of the plate that will stick into the PSU were bend and where touching some soldering point. It is quite thick metal, but due to taking the board in and out i thing it bend in a unlucky way. There are still some toasted resistors, but i didn't replace them yet, because the give the right value on my messure tool. So the work is not done yet, but it is working, so a good point to start!
  3. I just got in the 2x4MB 30pin simms and the 16mhz FPU chip . Thanks all
  4. Board Reference Part CD3 10uF 16v capacitor CF1 224 250v poly capacitor N/A CF10 220uF 35v electrolytic capacitor N/A CF11 470uF 35v electrolytic capacitor N/A CF2 4.7uF 50v electrolytic capacitor N/A CF4 100nF 63v poly capacitor N/A CF5 .1uF 100v poly capacitor N/A CF6 .1uF 100v poly capacitor N/A CF7 100uF 25v electrolytic capacitor N/A CF8 3300uF 16v electrolytic capa
  5. Hi all, I replaced all the caps again, just to be sure i did not make any mistake. Still nothing. So the caps can not be the problem (actually, We already knew, because I had remeasured them). During the re-assembly i noticed that the metal bottom place was bend a bit. Because i want to save some time i reinstalled it to check after replacing a few resistors i left the metal plate, and guess; It started! During a closer look it looks like the metal bottom plate was touching some solderpoints... Sometimes it is that simple.... Thank you so much for helping me all!
  6. @techknight: I checked the 2 traces; but the are oke..
  7. @techknight -> It is the angle. I see what you mean by 'are not filled all the way', but that is the reflection of the new solder joints. The new solder joints are reflecting much more then the old ones. I will take some new pictures by day-light
  8. Here are some high res photo's; I desoldered all the caps, and checks it with my ESR meter. They all give the right value. There are some (likely) cooked resistors, but when i check them, the give the right value as well.. http://van-de-lagemaat.com/recap/ It is a light chirp chirp chirp (but i can not compare it to another faulty board) by the way: the little dots on the caps are my marks to mark them as 'GOOD'
  9. HI all, Because i had some small issue with my color classic's analog board (very little, but fibrating screen) i replaced all the capacitors.. (hell of a job, but, my little mac deserve this of course). But, after replacing all the caps, the mac doesn't start anymore. When i turned it on, i hear a few clicks, and then is stops. When i remove the logicboard, it keeps clicking (nearby the CRT) I checked the polarity and solderjoints and capacitor values, but i can not find any mistake. What is the best way to troubleshoot this, without replacing (again) all the caps? Greetin
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