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  1. Nah, I'll probably use it for practicing repairs and for spare chips. I looked at the traces and I'm pretty sure if the corrosion didn't ablate them my wire brush did Yup, agree Exactly what I had in mind! Now I just need a hot air rework station and I'm set to be the next small-time Louis Rossmann Yeah, most of the time I have pretty good luck with caps in general. I dug out my first computer today and it still powers up just like it did 12 years ago! Maxwell. Funny thing is the other Maxwell from my other SE/30 didn't leak or corrode AT ALL. Amazing.
  2. Good to know, I think I read that somewhere. Thanks for the reminder! I think I'll be parting this guy out, so I'll have to pass it up. If I need it for another project, I'll hit you up! Oddly enough the one I bought in the worst shape for the most money actually has super clean guts. No burn-in, no cap leaks, no battery corrosion. The one I just broke the CRT in great physical shape, but the guts are worst case scenario; all the things I just mentioned. Hmm, I may look into that. I did discharge the CRT so I can't imagine there's much risk involved after that...
  3. It was all the battery. I heard something rattling inside the case, and I wrote it off as dirt but it was actually the battery. The entire battery case corroded itself off of the board.
  4. Wow, I'm actually selling two modern LCD monitors tonight for 100 bucks haha. It's ok though, I'm parting out this machine anyways. The Asante ethernet card I found in there will have to carry the weight of the money I need to make lol
  5. Well. I'm having a bad day. Also just necked the CRT.
  6. Hi, I was removing the hard drive from one of my Mac SE/30s. I had just pulled off the stubborn molex connector when I heard a hissing noise, like gas being released. I know CRTs are vacuums, but I broke a CFL once and didn't want to risk it, so I hauled my butt and got out of my room. Did the CRT just pressurize or something? Is it safe for me to go back in my room? Thanks
  7. Well folks, unfortunately it was just broken plastic. I kinda regret buying this one. The case is absolute trash. Multiple cracks, deep scratches, and marker and scuffs galore. Somehow the inside of it is like a temple. No battery leakage and no bulging capacitors. Everything works as it should, except the floppy drive which just needs some lube. Anyways I have it listed on the trading post for all of it or parts of it. Like I said, the guts are amazing, the case is the only bad thing. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/29801-fs-working-macintosh-se30-8mb-ram-80mb-hd-color-card/
  8. I got my specification information from here initially: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_classic/specs/mac_se30.html It looks like it should have come with a hard drive, but whatever. I'd probably go the SCSI2SD anyways. Good luck with the recap!
  9. Wow, that's awesome, thanks for the advice! It was my understanding that all M5119s came with either a 40 or 80 MB hard drive? It was only the SE when upgraded to an SE/30 that had potential to not have a hard drive. If the banks are full, do you know what capacity each SIMM is? Thanks
  10. Guilty... I have a 1980 Mercedes 300CD diesel sitting in my garage waiting for my love... Oh boy
  11. Haha that's good, sometimes I have a tendency to get a little over excited and go all out... I'll tell the thread what happens
  12. Sure, but I didn't see a coax connector. I saw an RJ45 connector, as in I believe it was packing an Asante MacCon PDS ethernet card. It's already in shipping so we'll see what I get. Perhaps my impulse buy was a bad idea...
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