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  1. Have you got an ADC Cinema display? I have a funky MDD that will ONLY come on when powered on through the ADC display power button. I don't know what it is, perhaps drawing that power through the card, but mine will do exactly what yours does if I try and use the front power button or don't use a ADC display.
  2. The first diagnostic discs that I am aware of were MacTest Pro and I don't think they supported anything older than PCI based PowerMacs. For a Color Classic I think you would need a TechStep. If I'm wrong I'm sure somebody can point you in the right direction.
  3. You're looking for the M7332 yoyo adapter. As for the install discs, which iMac did they come with? I don't think machine specific discs were an issue until the iMac G4 era because I've used the 9.1 installer from my old 2000 Indigo iMac G3 with other systems without issue.
  4. The Macintosh Classic doesn't have any kind of expansion port, so there isn't any off-the-shelf way to add internal ethernet. Now thats not to say somebody hasn't figured out some way to do it, but not like the PDS slot in your color classic. If you want ethernet in a compact Mac with a black and white screen, it needs to be an SE or SE/30
  5. The models with iSights are more like the early Intel iMacs than the other G5 iMacs. Not nearly as easy to get into, and have different problems. If its as gross as you say, it could be a fan failure/overheating issue. I'd clean out the air exhaust really well and verify the machine isn't overheating. The one iSight G5 I had actually had a failed GPU, so heat-gunning it actually brought mine back to life.
  6. Yeah the 1.5GHz would be the one to own for sure with double the VRAM and some more CPU power.
  7. I bought a Mac Mini G4 when it was new back in 2005. It was a terrible machine then, and I would imagine even worse now. As far as G4s go, its got to be one of the worst. Terrible graphics card, 1GB max of slow DDR RAM, no gigabit ethernet, and still used ATA hard drives. Now mine was the 1.25GHz model, and if you've got one of the 1.33 or 1.5GHz models it might be a little better but just about ANY other G4 powered desktop is a better choice for actually using, and the lack of gigabit ethernet really IMO hinders its ability to be a decent server. Long story short, the G4 mini was actuall
  8. Thats some kind of butchered install disc that I wouldn't trust at all. IMO, your best bet is to find an actual un-modified OS disc to use. There are plenty of copies available on eBay for cheap. If all else fails, I'd be much more confident in this image than that one. https://winworldpc.com/download/3E3DC7CB-18DA-11E4-99E5-7054D21A8599
  9. Sounds cool to me! I still use my Newtons (primarily MP2000) and really find it to be one of the more interesting products Apple ever made.
  10. IMO the best option is an expansion card that gives you ethernet or wifi. For my 190 I got an Orinico Gold card and found that it does a wonderful job of getting on my local Appletalk network where I can transfer files much quicker than over the old LocalTalk or teletalk cables. The card ran me less than $10 shipped. It doesn't get much easier than that.
  11. My buddy has one he got a few years back. It still had the original OS install and I played with it a little. Its a pretty cool unit, but strange.
  12. Sounds like bad RAM or a bad socket. Try it with a known good (or a couple different sticks one at a time) stick of RAM and try different slots.
  13. Tiger will run pretty nicely on either machine, and Leopard will run pretty well on both too I would imagine. The G5 advantage is of course the MUCH faster system bus, double the RAM, and more graphics card & SATA HDD options. If I were to pick, I'd of course go G5 in this situation. Now if that is a dual 1.25 or 1.42 G4, things may be a little different.
  14. I don't like Tiger on just about anything that CAN run Leopard. Leopard offers a lot of advantages in the web browser market and features like Time Machine and hitting the space bar to preview are really worth it. I've got a few G5s and they're all on Leopard with zero regrets.
  15. MDDs are beautiful and the dual 1.25 and 1.42 are very powerful, but holy crap are they unreliable! If you are needing a cheap G4, I'd highly suggest going for an iBook or PowerBook. They sell cheap and more importantly, SHIP cheaper than their desktop counterparts. You should have no problem landing a nice PowerBook or iBook under $50.
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