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  1. I didn't have the proper tantalum caps on hand, but I did have the right aluminum ones, which should be fine for now. After cleaning the board within an inch of it's life, I replaced them everywhere there were two pads (i.e. C4,5,8,10,11,12,13) and it booted up just fine- screen was fine, disks loaded, just no sounds since I didn't attach C15 to the chip. I'll probably get the proper tantalum ones and do a better solder job soon, but for now I know it works!
  2. Huh, well I'll be. I was under the impression they were necessary components for the computer to function. I figure I might as well replace the caps in the spots with both pads intact though. Guess then my only question is how will missing those caps affect the longetivity of it? Will parts be more prone to failure or undesired behavior?
  3. I can live without sound for now, if it means it'll boot. By chance, do you know which two pins the capacitor connects to? And for that matter, are any of the other capacitors not needed for the machine to boot?
  4. Based on my readings, tantalums might work. But the trouble is finding where the old caps connect to the board in the first place; especially C15. It looks like it connects to one of the pins on the 344S1033-01 chip, which seems to be a digital audio filter. Trouble is, I can't find a data sheet for it, and the trace goes under the chip. Since I can't get a continuity test off the trace that's left by the ruined pad, I don't know which pin it goes to.
  5. I got a Classic II with assorted goodies off Craigslist for a good deal, with the only problem being the infamous leaking logic board caps. Not having a decent iron at the time, I decided to clean the board as best I could with q-tips, alcohol, and patience, just to see if the system would work at all. And it did! For a time. But when it came time to properly replace the caps, that's when it all went wrong. Pads and traces starting lifting left and right, with some traces snapping off the pads entirely. I tried different temperatures and techniques, but nothing made it better. In the end, abou
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