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  1. The protocol used by the SCSI driver is well documented by saybur on their github. I don't see why that documentation couldn't be used to add ethernet over USB to scsi2sd. Of course the moral problem with that is it's effectively diverting money away from anyone who would buy the Scuznet board.
  2. There's no EEPROM visible on the card which makes me think it's embedded in the controller itself. Then we just have to wonder if they made different chips for Mac/PC versions or if they all have a large EEPROM.
  3. Hi. I found a Promise Ultra 133 TX2 in one of my junk bins and it looks remarkably similar to the Sonnet Tempo 133... In fact if we look at the option rom headers... Promise PC ROM: Sonnet Mac ROM The Sonnet firmware updater does not recognize the PC flashed card which I would expect but maybe there's a way to brute force it to flash anyway? The Mac firmware is much larger so I don't know if it's a good idea to try the PC flasher and hope it accepts a larger ROM or try to patch the Mac flasher into running anyway. It m
  4. So far so good... I ran gzip -9 on /dev/random for like 5 minutes and it didn't shut itself off so now I'm confident enough to start putting it back together.
  5. Will do. Had to defer to my dad on the soldering so it'll be a few days before I get it back. While I managed to get the caps soldered in the joints were messy and my hands are just too unstable to fix it. I figured it was best to quit while I was ahead and before I ended up doing some damage somewhere. At least it gives me time to get the rest of the case cleaned up.
  6. Actually it looks like I'm just going to be replacing those. My hands are just too shaky and I'll be lucky to finish even them. e: c10 : 16v 2200uF c13 : 6.3v 2200uF c16 : 6.3v 2200uF c21 : 10v 3300uF
  7. The one closest to the vent holes has certainly popped it's top. It's just a question of whether I replace just those output filter caps or whatever I can find.
  8. Why hello there... So is the procedure to just replace all of them or just a few?
  9. I have to clean my workbench before embarking on either the ATX conversion or taking the PSU apart and today is just one of those days lol... Kinda sucks because I REALLY wanted to play with this G4 for a while, maybe get a decent video card in it at some point. When I do I'll be sure to take lots of pics and such.
  10. When I first got it the PRAM battery was in backwards. Leopard installed but kept powering off during that intro movie, finally got passed it by leaving the battery out for 10mins and leaving the case door open. The CPU got fairly hot when closed so maybe that missing fan is an issue as well, I'll have to jury rig something up somehow. Lending evidence to the PSU issue is the fact that the main speaker is very "clicky" and produces kind of noisy output. Maybe a simple recap is all that's needed or is there something that brings the PSUs beyond user serviceable
  11. I've done a few resets before and I can try that again. I did end up repasting it and it worked for MUCH longer almost finishing the OSX install before shutting off again. The old paste was dry and crumbly so I applied fresh Arctic MX4 and put it all back together, I was super excited to see it finish CD1 of the Tiger install but it seemed to get stuck on the BSD subsystem then died. Is there any way to find the shutdown reason in a log somewhere? Or check the temperature? e: AHA! ApplePMU::PMU FORCED SHUTDOWN, CAUSE = -122
  12. Found it: http://web.archive.org/web/20081221044555/http://fastmac.com/downloads/newagpinstall.pdf Everything lines up and seems to be configured correctly so this is a Fastmac CPU card and not a Gigadesigns one. The heatsink is on there pretty firm so I don't know about repasting it or even if it's overheating and causing the shutdowns.
  13. Even weirder stuff: I scratched off the warranty stickers to reveal a model name that doesn't seem to exist anywhere: PT55 AGP copyrighted 2006. Under another sticker is a set of dip switches that are likely used to select the CPU voltage but there are only 4 positions instead of 5 like the gigadesign board. Weird stuff.
  14. Dang edit window passed... This looks like it might be a gigadesign card? https://sites.google.com/site/overclockmac/g4gigadesigns looks similar or maybe is a clone? If that's the case then the CPU may be configured wrong according to those switches: 10011 Doesn't have an entry in that table for a 133MHz bus speed so maybe that is related? Anyway I'm scared to plug this thing back in until I know what to do about that pin and I reapply thermal paste. (if I can) e: Straightened it out with a tiny tweezers but it looks li
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