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  1. Ok, so here's another update. I finally got around to swapping drives last night, just to realize that the quantum drive in my SE/30 and the quantum drive in my SE had both decided to start having stuck heads at the same time. So niether would boot. Still I figured I could at least throw in the 6.0.8 floppy I've used before and test if it was able to boot on the SE/30 with the new drive. No joy. Defeated, I decided to pull out a third Mac SE (not a superdrive), with a known good drive, that has booted many times from this exact 6.0.8 floppy, just to make sure the floppy was still good. lo
  2. Oh really? I thought that's what caused the yellowing in the first place? Don't I need to put some hydrogen peroxide solution on it first? You're blowing my mind right now...
  3. Right. The floppy drive seems in great condition, except for initializing a new disk and now the 6.0.8 boot from floppy (see above video if you haven't yet). Yeah I have a copy of BOMARC pretty sure you can get them here: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/875-macintosh-se-30-schematics-and-repair
  4. Yeah, grrr. Unfortunately, this is the 3rd OS I've tried with similar results. Shoot haha. I'll try swapping drives tonight or tomorrow just in case, but what made you start thinking broken trace?
  5. Fair enough. It's worth a shot, it was in bad condition. Still, 2 questions: 1. If the heads were bad wouldn't I have read/write issues? I installed a full OS (5 floppies worth), and did some light writing with no issues. 2. If there were head issues wouldn't I just get a "bad disk" or some such error (as I have on other machines) rather than a full system crash?
  6. Is there anyway for a mere mortal to test/repair an out of tollerance head gap?
  7. Right. Except like I said in the OP I just did a full clean and relube (which got it working again).
  8. Good to know I can swap those drives out. I haven't had a chance to do it yet, but I just had another interesting floppy mishap with this machine I thought I would post in case it gives someone a clue. I tried to boot the machine off a 6.0.8 800k floppy, and it totally wigs out. The "Welcome to Macintosh" screen begins flashing and the boot never progresses. Check out the attached video. You may or may not hear it in the video but there is a slight "clicking" sound that starts when the screen starts going wonky. Any clues or problem-solving tips at all would be helpful. se30-floppy-fai
  9. So a little update on this Mac. The day I got it in I was really bummed because the top corner of the case chipped in shipping. Grrr. I'm hoping to be able to glue it (any suggestions on that?). The original eBay post mentioned that the mac wouldn't boot up (disk ?), I assumed this was a bad HD or missing HD. I figured I would just boot from a floppy so I put in a 6.0.8 os floppy. Should work right? Nope. It gave me a disk X, and then wouldn't eject. Bad first day, I had to leave on a business trip so I put it away. I was honestly dreading working on it cause it seemed like I had just wast
  10. I'm guessing this might be tracked back to the SWIM chip and some of the traces going there. But honestly, I'm shooting in the dark. I do have an SE Superdrive as well, are the floppy drives from those machines interchangeable with the one in the SE/30? If so I could swap them and check to see if I'm dealing with a hardware issue on the drive itself or on the logic board somewhere. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
  11. Recently got an SE/30 and restored it to good working order. It was rockin the simasi, so I recaped it, and that fixed that. The floppy drive wasn't working so I performed the full cleaning/lubing and that's back to tip top shape. Then I installed a fresh OS 7.1. All is good... Except when I try to initialize a floppy it freezes the OS 100% of the time. I've received the following in seemingly random order: Error 11 No FPU No Error just frozen screen It is able to read/write to the floppy just fine. Any guesses or ideas?
  12. I've been thinking through this myself. The amount of change in SSL cryptography since the latest version of any SE/30 compatible browser pretty much ensures you won't be able to do https browsing on *most* sites now, and certainly not in the future as SNI is being quickly adopted. However, that doesn't mean we're necessarily out of luck. It should be possible to have an SSL terminating proxy handling those requests for you, and forwarding the data over a stardard port 80 connection. Would be really cool to build a little proxy box out of a raspberry pi or some such device. It could have i
  13. ooops. I did it again. Still pretty new at this, but $80 shipped seemed like a decent deal based on what I see these things sell for on eBay at least. Seems like it just needs an OS install and a little retrobright. Was I a total sucker? http://www.ebay.com/itm/252795466325
  14. So basically they just randomly slapped various color leds on there haha. @techknight, do you remember what voltage led is used. Would be fun to swap.
  15. The red is distracting. Totally looks like some kinda error. glad its not though.
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