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  1. geneb


    DoctorClu, the system will be on-line until the hardware dies. Even then, I've got a replacement Enhanced IIe in the wings just in case. g.
  2. geneb


    Arfink, I'm hosting it myself. I'm running a tweaked version of tcpser (to fix a telnet negotiation bug) on Windows Server 2003. g.
  3. geneb


    For those interested, I'm currently running a BBS called Age of Reason on an Enhanced Apple IIe. The BBS is running GBBS Pro and features the adventure game Land of Spur. The version of LoS I'm running is the same (literally) as the one run on the Tacoma, WA BBS, Dura Europos. It's telnet only though - telnet://aor.retroarchive.org g.
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