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  1. Well now, all sound is gone. Don't know what's going on. I'm going to wipe the whole thing and reformat, and reinstall the things I want on it. I will install one thing at a time and see if there is some kind of software related problem.
  2. The iBook G4 saga continues. I got frustrated trying to get my machine to work and found one just like it on eBay for $30 untested, which turns out to have identical specs to my problem child except it runs just fine. Used my set of appropriate install disks to install Tiger and Classic. Installed some games and stuff. So fun to be able to run Nanosaur again! But now Classic mode has no sound! It did, but now it doesn't. I'm guessing there's something simple I have tripped by accident, but I don't know what. anybody know? I went to the System folder and clicked on sound and volumes
  3. I think that was 10.5, but it also did it with a downloaded copy of 10.4, both when in the disk drive. I have also tried installing with another iBook G4 I just got which is working fine. I also tried it in target disk mode using a 2008 iMac. What's weird is that it looked like that but otherwise proceeded as a normal install. (Except, of course, that I still had that same startup issue when it was all done!) When running disk utility it tests out that all the things it checks are OK. This is weird. I am beginning to think that this thing is going to be an organ donor at best! :P
  4. I tried starting it up in Safe mode, and it got to the gray screen with the apple and just stayed there. I tried removing the additional RAM and starting it up, and it got to the gray screen with the apple and just stayed there. This may be a clue, on a couple of my repeated tries to install from a disk in the optical drive it looked weird and pixelated. Probably should have included a picture before. Funny thing is, other than appearance, it acted like it was installing.
  5. I am working on an iBook G4. Still the same limitations?
  6. Think this would work? Naturally I'm looking to do things as cheaply as possible https://www.ebay.com/itm/ADATA-Ultimate-Series-SU650-120GB-Internal-SATA-Solid-State-Drive/392450625057?epid=2298097290&hash=item5b5fe14e21:g:o6sAAOSwU9VfD8OT
  7. I will look into those. What I have found so far indicates that there isn't enough room in this iBook to fit an SSD in an adapter. According to MacTracker the connection in the iBook is Ultra ATA/100 (ATA-6).
  8. Also, if it is the hard drive, is it hard to find one compatible?
  9. Good thing my Macbook Pro is with me again, it just needed a new power cord! The iBook, on the other hand, has problems. I tried installing Leopard directly from the optical drive, no luck. So I tried using my iMac (early 2008) in target disk mode and that didn't work either. It goes so far and then it gets to where it says it has like 2 hours left, it quits and says it's unable to install and there's a big list of error messages. Now I wonder if it's a bad hard drive or something else which I won't know how to replace/fix.
  10. Seems logical, it has developed into an actual discussion. :P And I still need to call the shop about my Macbook!
  11. You are right, I didn't go down far enough. I may have to try it just to see if I can.
  12. PPC won't boot from USB, only Intel. I have bought on eBay first Leopard retail and then a set of disks from iBook G4 with 10.4.4 with a disk of OS9 for the Classic environment. It won't boot in 9, of course, but it will run OS9 software. Now to find my old copy of KidPix Deluxe...
  13. It looks like this iBook came with 10.4.4 so I don't think a retail copy will work. I tried with an old one I found in my old disk collection and It tried but did not work. It also doesn't help that there seems to be something in the disk drive that whishes when the disk is reading...
  14. Yeah, but that's a lot of work! I found a retail copt of Tiger on eBay for not too much. But do you think that's what is going on, just the "wrong" Tiger?
  15. In the interim while I am without my main Mac, I have pulled out an iBook G4 that I haven't touched in a looooong time. I believe it has 10.4 on it. Got the forgotten password sorted out. It starts up until it gets to the screen with the swoopy blue abstract design, does not load any further than that. No desktop stuff. It's been so long I don't remember what I have done with it, does this sound as if I loaded a software version (either too new, or for the wrong machine) on the hard drive before I installed it in this machine? I have in my possession disks of 10.4 that are for an
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