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  1. Case plastic is fine, though it is missing the CD-ROM and floppy drive covers.
  2. I FINALY got that PowerMac 9500, It has 224MB RAM and a 2GB HD. Also, a nice, 1280x1024 CRT!!
  3. Aah, a Scott Baret response. This question was *really* directed at the mods/admins as a "would you mind it if I posted this here?" question. Personally, I pirate current software (DS games, etc) so don't care if it is "illegal".
  4. yes it is a Mac DIN to DB-25 cable. So serial converter or null modem cable?
  5. I conquested a HyperCard user manual and am currently scanning it, so would it be against the rules to post a PDF here when I am done?
  6. It is labaled - see the text on it? I googled "Sentinel Eve3" and looks like it is in fact hardware copy protection.
  7. OK, here are pics of everything: My conquests... Weird ADB dongle PS/2 Mice: It's a Logitech! Much better than my old HP mouse, so I use this one on my desktop PC. The other PS/2 mouse. The right mouse button doesn't work. ADB keyboard!! Now I have 2 full sets of ADB mice/keyboards. When I finaly get that PowerMac 9600, I will have a mouse and keyboard for it! HyperCard user manual. No version number so I am assuming it is 1.0? The other mysterious cable. Don't know what it is for, and I am not going to try it to find out =P LocalTalk null mode
  8. I dont find much random stuff, but the parents dragged me to some event a few hours away. As a pleasent supprise, in another room in the same building, the Cincinati Comodore Computer Club was also having some sort of event. I just hid in that room all day =P Also, I forgot to mention: 1x CD caddy
  9. Post pics I am going to, but am kinda hours from home so only have my DS for the net, There was a lot more i couldnt get. (i snapped pics of that) The dongle looks like a passthrough cable. Hardware copy protection?
  10. I just got all of this for free! Pics coming later (am on my NDS) 1x ADB keyboard - needs some cleaning. 2x old mac null modem cables or whatevertheyarecalled. 2x old mac serial cable extension cables. 1x HyperCard manual 2x PS/2 mice 1x SCSI Zip drive - couldnt find any cables for it 3x PC paralel cables 1x mysterious ADB dongle 1x mysterious MiniDIN 8 or 9 (forget which) to DB25 cable EDIT: Add: 1x FireWire 400 cable to that list!
  11. ...that, at the time at least, there was no rule against having, especially when it was something mostly on-topic to the subject of this forum.
  12. I still fail to see how this helps anything though. All it does is make us press a differant button and make the layout make even less sense.
  13. inb4lock Stupid crap like this is why I pretty much never visit here anymore. The admins do something, people don't like it, everyone complains, the admins ignore everyone. This is becoming more and more true... (BTW, the only reason I'm here right now is because ThePurpleCube's host is down and no-one is in their IRC channel right now. I don't even have the 68kMLA bookmarked anymore.) You guys should get a slogan... like "The 68kMLA... Where all of the mods and admins are like Reflection!"
  14. Oh, and back on topic: If you are going to have to rewrite your theme anyway, why waste your time with phpBB? You would be better off just making your current forum an archive and switching to Simple Machines. SMF is *loads* better than phpBB
  15. Ths users on the forum with their names in red are the admins. Try PMming one of them
  16. Shouldn't this be in the Lounge? On a related note, often when I go there I get a "1 new PM is waiting for you..." message, but when I click it it tells me I have no new messages!
  17. You should AT LEAST do some basic smoothing. That'd look much better if you ran it through hq4x or something
  18. *clears throat* Should I guess this was simply a joke? No, taht is me bieng too lzay to use the splelchcek.
  19. See the bolded sentense. I think you meant "CAN be waived" or "MAY be waived" instead of "be waived"
  20. It takes 2 seconds to load the reply page. (Actually 1.986)
  21. There. I put stuff on my user page. Now it is v. Pro Basic!
  22. Cool. Personaly, I like my placeholder better. Template:Alert dialog with no buttons that says: Please insert disk Please insert the disk "There is nothing here"
  23. [wiki]User:Macgeek417[/wiki] or My 68kMLA Wiki User Page [wiki]User:Macgeek417[/wiki] or [wiki="User:Macgeek417"]My 68kMLA Wiki User Page[/wiki]
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