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  1. we are usually dumb enough to set one up each and every six months since 2007! i fear we shall do so again. look out for mid june for registration over at retrochallenge.net later!
  2. Post the link, I can never find your RC stuff on your site.
  3. welcome back, hail retro randomness!
  4. http://www.carrollsirishgifts.com/product/FoodConfectionary/BarsandBaggedSweets/G2455_2350 Toffee?
  5. I plan to drink some rum and perhaps eat some chilli gummy bears. Yes! Chilli! I think that's low enough for us all.
  6. You burn out by the 2nd week.
  7. 1st july www.retrochallenge.net
  8. the website is open! see you all there.
  9. OooooH! my copy arrived too. good stuff. get those entires in the post people!
  10. thats nice and quick! we tried to stand up further from issue one, glad it seems that way too. tell your mum, she may want an issue too! regards
  11. Hmmm! Print run is small. We meet demand each week as the orders come in from the website. Advertising? Thats a difficult one. Advertising for money? No probably not. The whole thing is being done for cost pretty much, actually generating money would change the feel of it a bit and also make it answerable to the people who bought advertising. As it is, it is purely a hobbyist and purely for the fun of it endeavor. Free advertising, you know, reciprocal stuff would be a different matter. All retro goodness supporting each other, that sort of thing, then yeah. In the shops? That
  12. Can you believe it we managed to get issue two out! www.300baudmagazine.com Anyway- We have all original material, and now stand at 40 pages. Bigger better and glossier! WIN WIN WIN WIN! Win a ROBOT!! Yes really! Content - Online Destinations in the Era of 300 Baud by Michael H. McCabe A Brief Look at Graphics in BASIC by Jeffrey Armstrong Thinking About Interfacing (or Sticking Something into the Hole at the Back) by Dale Goodfellow Hack the Mac - and Introduction to Macintosh Programming Tools by Pekka Sarkimo RetroBits - Hot Chicks and Big Computers
  13. he never told me it was actually live!!! wait until i get my hands on him!
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