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  1. Congrats Gerry! And thank you for the post; I found it very informative.
  2. Well, I'm going with the idea that I'm stuck with the DRM versions of these songs, and that's fine. I am able to play them all, so that's good enough for me right now. And since I'll eventually convert all my music to MP3 format anyway, I won't have to deal with this issue in the future. I want to say that I appreciate everyone's input on the topic. All of it helped me to learn more about something, and that's really all that matters.
  3. Oh man, what a great thread! And while I know it's not a very recent one, it's humorous threads like this that make me glad I can read. ScottB you da' man!
  4. Okay, So I've got a Windows 8.1 machine running the latest iTunes (12.5). Using the iTunes Music Store, I've removed it's authorization to play my purchased music. And I've removed everything but one song from it (which I downloaded before removing authorization), which has left me with the cloud downloading icons next to each of the missing songs in iTunes. Now when I try to download one of the missing songs, iTunes informs me that I need to authorize this computer before I can download it. And when I try to actually play the one song I left on the system, it tells me the exact same t
  5. Okay, So according to this article from USA Today, the DRM free option was something called iTunes Plus and you had to pay for each DRM song to be modified. This option is no longer available. Now Apple has iTunes Match but that has an annual fee. It's a darn shame Apple didn't make changing your songs over a free option.
  6. Oh That's Right, I read a while back about Apple making that change IPalindromel. I just need to figure out how to do it. It would seem that all I download are the DRM versions.
  7. Interesting bibilit, Are you going to try and reinstall the previous IOs version and see if that corrects the problem?
  8. Okay, Well it appears that installing the last version of iTunes that worked on my hardware (version 9.2.1) did it. Apparently the version of iTunes 9 I tried before didn't make the cut. I can now access the store and authorize my music. Hopefully this post can help others.
  9. Howdy, When Apple created the iTunes Music Store I jumped on the bandwagon and used my G4 Quicksilver, running OS x 10.4, to purchase many songs. Unfortunately, due to the latest iTunes (version 12) not being able to run on my G4 I am now at a loss as to figuring out how to re-authorize my Power Mac so that I can play the music I paid for. The latest version of iTunes I can run on my Mac is version 9, but all it does is time out trying to access the store. I was just wondering if anyone has found a way to authorize music on older Apple hardware?
  10. Nice! I wish more software manuals were written like that today. It might make the letters RTFM a thing of the past.
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