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  1. Disclaimer: Never tried this random guess myself, I have no idea if it will work. I don't know if BasiliskII is equivalent to an LC 475 in terms of emulation - it is if the 475 can't run Mac OS 8 or later, afaik: 1. Find a PC with SCSI support on the mobo (these instructions only apply if said PC runs Linux). 2 Use BasiliskII's SCSI tab to map one of the emulated SCSI IDs to the real SCSI disk. The SCSI disk will be of the form /dev/sdN, where N is a number you'll need to figure out. 3. If you DO NOT want to use BasiliskII's "Unix root" feature: 3a. Create a disk image on the PC'
  2. Well, I can't really recommend much about the newton but I can recommend the next best thing - the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet (collectively known as the "N810", as I've seen). This PDA-like gadget has wifi, bluetooth, both on-screen (in certain situations) and flip-out keyboards, and... runs a fork of Debian Linux as its official operating system! With a few hours (well, probably days) of work, you could possibly find a Newton emulator and compile it for ARM, if you wanted to, or just use the N810's built in Firefox-like web browser (well it isn't actually Firefox, it just uses FF's render
  3. All I can say is this: copy protection notwithstanding, find a copy of DART or Disk Copy and back them up NOW. If some of them have disintegrated, this is a warning that they've reached the end of their life and they eventually all will. -dav7
  4. If you need any help setting stuff up, count me in. If the server runs Mac OS it'll be a learning experience, but I do know how to use Linux. I also know HTML/CSS (although I don't like it), PHP and C, so I can help with writing stuff if that helps. Also, I PMed you a few URLs you might want to download into the archive directly - they definitely violate a few distribution rules, but since it's a vintage archive type thing you might appreciate them. Unless you already have them. -dav7
  5. I haz KOSS UR20s here. The old pair got so used (I listen to music 25 hours a day, 8 days a week ()) and abused (they either go *crash* or *clunk* when I need to leave the computer, or *plonk* when I need to quickly leave the computer) that they more or less died (can has red duct tape on sticky tape on black headphones?) and I finally got them replaced. Mum replaced them with more expensive UR29s at first so I could listen to music on the run, but the sound is rather different, they don't sit on the ears the same and the folding mechanism (they're the folding version) feels a bit fli
  6. So one thing leads to another and I notice a photo of a weird long-wise display that I'd only ever seen the likes of with photos of the Xerox Star. I head off to Google Images wondering where to start and in in a spark of inspiration I google "mac portrait display", thinking "they named the Cinema Display, so 'portrait display' might work". And it did. But the reason for this post's existance is to point out one of the URLs I found in the result pages, which seems to contain quite a bit more Mac-related stuff than that image: http://www.d4.dion.ne.jp/~motohiko/index.htm (The image
  7. About the proprietary screws, I've found that carefully rotating the screws with a pair of pliers will sometimes get them to turn. It's just the tightening thing that pliers don't do well. (This also works for screws with stripped heads, too.) -dav7
  8. So ever since I found out about the interrupt window I've wanted to do something fun with it. But I don't really know what I can do with it When I first discovered it while playing with the keyboard on my unfortunately mouse-less Powermac I wanted to know how to get out of it, and my brief exposure to debug environments had me thinking of 'cont' or 'go'; 'G' proved to be a correct guess. My attempts to guess at single-letter debug commands seemed to fail completely, so I assumed that most of the responsive commands were multi-letter (or they were simply all multi-letter except for G),
  9. After quite a search through some chat logs I found kdxvcfa.dyndns.ws. Because preterhuman.net was down and I found kdxvcfa.dyndns.ws through preterhuman.net, I thought all hopes were lost, but haha, nope. I found this thread. ]'> Is ueberlandowiki.net down, hotline- or KDX-wise? I nmapped it (]'>) only to discover that it had some kind of connection-refusing FTP service open among a few other things that look admin-related (okay, to save anybody curious a scan too, 20, 21, 80, 88 (HTTP thingy, password protected), 113, 548 and 3389 (yes, remote desktop, but again, password protected
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