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  1. I find it amazing that Gamba's webpage is still being hosted.
  2. Try your SE/30's floppy drive in your SE. Also thanks BGE for the confirmation!
  3. I was referring to the actual drives themselves, not in using high density media as double density media
  4. I am probably recalling wrong, but I seem to recall using a high density drive on a Apple IIgs just fine (IIgs only uses GCR 800K disks). It *might* be worth a shot then to hook up your HD drive to your DD SE.
  5. Sweet you have one of those wheel switches, those are fantastic! I would start with 640x480 @ 67Hz. That should be like mac 13 or something on your adaptor. As trash pointed out the KDS RAD-5 should work just fine. I have a Dell ultrasharp 2007FP that I use with my old macs, it has 1600x1200 resolution, but it plays nicely in MultiSync mode with my macs. I think some cards will only check the sense lines upon a reboot, while others don't care if you swap it out while running.
  6. I remember 3 years ago buying 200 brand new double density (720/800K) floppy disks for like $20 total. They were sold in packs of 50 for $5, and I bought four packs. Now I can only dream about finding them for 0.50/piece
  7. ATA was on the Quadra 630 board too, and is right on! The performance can give SCSI a run for it's money (SCSI as implemented by Apple at least, we're not going to talk about the FWB Jackhammer 16-bit wide SCSI card ]'>). Be thankful for the fact that you can toss in any old ATA HDD (Like I have, I have an 80GB unit in there right now!), and have all that space to store your music!
  8. 630 *does* have hardware handshaking, I've tried it myself!
  9. It's risky enough traveling with a compact, and with you traveling internationally... yikes! The best way might be a hard-sided container, with *lots* of padding inside for your CC. Still, whatever you do is going to be quite bulky, and that's a pretty big thing to have to worry about. Carry-on is probably the only way, but that means you will have to lug it around everywhere. What will you need a vintage mac for in your destination country? I think in this case it might be better to leave it home, and, if you absolutely need one wherever you are going, trying to get one while there. If yo
  10. The only difference between the real Quadra 630, and the performa and LC models with the 68LC040 CPU is just the CPU, they both have the same serial hardware. Yes, the serial hardware works well on the Quarda 630. Not completely identical, there are a few differences.
  11. You might try The Pickle's serial number decoder: http://macfaq.org/serial.html
  12. I guess I don't get to build my Apple II Z80 co processor card now, lol.
  13. BOMARC's are much easier to read than Apple's engineering release.
  14. It is not a huge surprise that there are businesses that use dot-matrix printing technology. It's incredibly reliable, and extremely cheap (to print). There are also some environments that lead to other print technologies not being a very good fit, such as a kitchen printer, where the heat from appliances may ruin a thermal-printed ticket.
  15. I dunno, I've drawn enough schematics, and the thought of cloning Apple or BOMARC's schematics, without making any errors is pretty daunting to me. That's a lot of pages, and a lot of connections. You might consider drawing your new schematics in KiCad. They have an export to SVG/PDF/EPS/PS function, but you get the advantages of working with an editor that's designed specifically around drawing schematics. Oh, and in case you are wondering, KiCad is Free and open source.
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