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  1. Sega should have done what Atari did and just add up all the bits. The 68K with it's 32-bit registers plus the 16-bit address bus of the Z80. So the Genesis is a 48-bit system. LMAO. At least they had Blast Processing.
  2. Yeah, I think the 68000 and Z80's (for sound) are some of the most popular arcade processors from the 80's/90's.
  3. Oh yeah, huge fan of the Parallax forums. Yeah, I've heard of the MiSTer project. I don't want to use FPGA for the CPU. At least not at first. I will be using FPGA (and/or CPLD) for glue and video but not the CPU. Unfortunately, the project is on temporary hold as we just bought a new house! We are moving first week of September so my entire lab is in boxes right now. lol But I will keep everyone posted.
  4. I haven't decided if the CPU and framebuffer will share RAM. My initial thought is that they would. I don't really want to get into anything like cycle stealing/stretching or anything like that. My intent is to upgrade this machine to '020/030 one day and that method (like the original Mac) is less relevant on those machines. Especially when you start getting into SVGA resolutions/colors. The 10ns SRAM (16-bit) was surprisingly cheap so that's why I wanted to use those. And I figured 10ns wouldn't be any kind of bottleneck for anything I could every dream to design.
  5. Small update... This weekend was unproductive. I had FOUR large deployments (for my real job) that took up most of my weekend. I did manage to solder the small QFP-64 68SEC000 to a breakout board. This breakout board will next get 64 wire-wrap pins soldered to it so that I can use it. Next after that is free-running it. Someone asked what OS. Well, at first, I *might* try uLinux just to get it running. But my goal is to develop my own OS. But that is a tall order. Either way, I will keep people posted. Thanks.
  6. Thanks everyone for the interest. I don't have a blog yet. But I really should start one. I really like the format that BMOW does with his projects. I might follow something similar. I'll either post my progress here (if no one objects) or just post a link to my eventual blog. In the meantime, I gathered up parts that I already have on-hand. My dream is to design a "Mac like" computer that would fit between the Mac 512K and Amiga 500. Closer to the Mac because the Amiga had advanced chips for it's day and I'm a HDL newbie. I will be wire-wrapping my fi
  7. I'm sorry if I am way OT here. Last year, I designed a 65C02 computer and had some boards made. It worked very well and I was very happy. My next move was to design his 16-bit big brother using a 65C816. Seemed like a logical choice (still is, really). However, there was something pulling me towards the 68K. Mainly because I was a hard-core Amiga 500 user in the day. And, about 20 years ago, I started collecting classic Macs (I have several 68K series Macs). So I decided to byte the bullet (notice a play on words there) and design my first 68K based
  8. Holy crap...I forgot I have one of those Apple II 3.5" drives! I got it with my IIgs years ago. So, is it easier to transfer disk images over to it than 400K disks? Your blog is looking good. Do you plan on doing any posts about how to transfer images over to those disks? My primary PC is a Windows 10 machine. I also have a bunch of disks for the Amiga. I wonder if I could take a couple of them and format them for the Mac 512K?
  9. Yeah, I may be interested. I will send you a PM. Thanks!
  10. I've tried 15 times to upload more pics but all I get is an error message. Even pictures much smaller than the ones that worked. Not sure what that's about. https://www.dropbox.com/s/72u5g2aa1b64lab/Photo Dec 08%2C 2 14 01 PM.jpg?dl=0
  11. Some pictures of my new setup.... Half of the pictures would not upload for some stupid reason.
  12. Spiders are smarter than other insects. They like to "think different". What I hate finding in old computers are blood stains and rat turds. lol (yes, found both).
  13. So I just bought a (new to me) Macintosh 512K for $60 (USD). It came with the 512K (dur), keyboard (original), mouse (IIc mouse) and 400K external floppy drive. Oh, and a non-Apple bag to carry it all in. The computer has a small crack in the case on the top-right but I think I can eventually fix that or even replace it. It's also VERY yellowed so I got some retro-brighting to do. I will post some pictures later. The first thing I do is power it on. The seller showed a picture of it working. I don't have any software for it so all I got is the disk wi
  14. I confirmed that you were correct! It indeed worked on my new Mac 512K. Thanks
  15. Will the Apple Mouse IIc work on a Mac 512K without any adapters or conversions? I finally have one and I may swap it out between my IIc computer and my new 512K. Thanks!
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