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  1. That was it. The System must have been corrupt. I reinstalled 6.0.8 and all is good.
  2. Well, so much for that. Disinfectant crashes at launch with a screen full of garbage and the sound goes nuts. Going to try and reinstall System 6.0.8.
  3. Seems unlikely since I've been using this for a while without problems. I can't remember adding any new software lately that would have put a virus on my machine but maybe that's worth checking.
  4. I've been using my SE/30 almost daily for well over 2 years. No problems, except that the volume was always very low. I've upgraded the hard drive with an SCSI2SD card reader. It's been working like a dream for years. The other day I booted it up to get the following error: It would crash with the same error even when booting from a floppy. I figured it was finally time for a recap. I recapped the board and it boots up fine with a floppy, and the sound is now perfect, but if I boot it up directly from the hard drive, I still get the same bus error. I got my hands on an FDHD just i
  5. I want to upload a jpg to my Newton. Not necessarily as the background image, but sort of like the camera roll on an iPhone. Is there a package that allows you to upload and view .jpgs on the Newton? I have a .jpg I want on my Performa 575, but when I select import on the Newton, that .jpg doesn't appear in the folder as a valid file type for upload.
  6. Ah never mind. I put in in another SE and it doesn't read.
  7. I scored an SE with a dead power supply for $20 bucks. I figured I could pull the floppy out of it and put it in my Mac Plus that needs one. However, when I power up the Plus, the floppy drive just gets stuck in an eject loop. It's a Sony MP-F51W-23 800K drive, so it should work in the Plus. Anyone know what failure mode this suggests?
  8. That probably explains why I only see 4MB. Haven't tried to go past 8MB yet. I think all my sticks are 1MB sticks. The 8MB in this machine is still twice that of my other SEs, so it's still a welcomed upgrade.
  9. Didn't matter, swapping the motors didn't do anything. It's OK to test a 12V motor with 5V to see if it works. It's not OK to test a 5V motor with 12.
  10. I tried to recap it, as well as try two separate analog boards. No dice. I sold it on eBay.
  11. I had one of my blog readers throw me an email saying he had a few vintage Macs that I could have for free. I offered to pay postage, but he wouldn't hear of it! Amazing the generosity of people. I was thrilled to see that not only is it an SE, but an SE FDHD. I've been dying for another Fat Mac that can read 1.44s since my Classic died a few years back. I've had my eye out for an SE/30, but eBay prices are insane. I was surprised to see that this machine had 8MB of RAM. I looked at the logicboard and lo and behold, it's an SE/30 board! The hard drive is dead, but it boots just f
  12. I scored an Interactive Apple TV on eBay years ago too. Great collectible. Too bad they are useless today. There's actually no software onboard. The front-end was loaded over the cable company's network. There's only enough firmware in the ROM to connet to the network and pull down the gui. Sadly, there's no way to boot it up or load software nowadays since that infrasture no longer exists. Not that it even got out of beta.
  13. Looks like a solid read. It would be even better if someone had an Eagle CAD file for that adapter!
  14. I have an Apple III that doesn't seem to want to read any disks in the drive. I even tried to boot it up by loading ADTPro over serial, that seems to fail loading into RAM. At first I thought the floppy drive was defective, but now I'm starting to think it's a logicboard thing. If I could just get my hands on a working floppy drive to rule it out. I've been keeping my eye on eBay for months and haven't been able to find one. I've heard that an Apple II drive can be modified to work on an Apple III, but I haven't been able to find any details on it. Does anyone have any information on that?
  15. Dang. I hope it's not a hardware issue. I think I'll bite the bullet and order an actual ADT Pro floppy and see if that works. I was holding off because shipping is $12 bucks. Pretty pricey. You'd think S/H on a floppy disk would be like $3 bucks.
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