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  1. Nice score My mom uses that exact imac and with maxed ram & SSD, it's super zippy for her needs. I woulda picked that up for $60 too if for no other reason other than to put it in the baby's room. Personally, I like C2D machines - they're cheap and with a little work, make solid daily drivers and yanno, if you spill some coffee on it or drive off with it on the roof ... oh well, no biggie My main portable is a 08macbook with SSD & 8gb ram. I personally have little desire to actively collect the really old macs that you guys do (just window shop your photos of them) but I do have a fe
  2. I agree with this as well. My Dual 1Ghz QS powermac runs 10.5.8 just fine with 1.5GB ram and does not have a CI supported GPU - still running the GF2 MX 32mb AGP card it came with. In fact, aside from boot up, most everything about Leo in terms of speed is on par with Tiger and software support is so much better with Leo. Certainly the single cpu will be slower with chubby apps on the imacg4 but from using my QS when it had the single 733mhz cpu before its D1ghz upgrade, I think the imac should still be quite usable for modest everyday sort of stuff. So yeah, try it and if it sucks, reinst
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