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  1. The floppy drive needs a cleaning. There are videos of the process available. The error code appears if you press the interrupt button on the left side of the plus. Could be a stuck button? I would recap the analog board.
  2. Did you try to reflow J12? Perhaps there is a crack in a solder joint. Did you clean and reseat all socketed IC?
  3. If the ROM is defect you can replace it with an EPROM.
  4. 4.8 Volt could work, but a little bit higher would be better. If you use the PP1 to change the voltages you have to look at both voltages (5 & 12 V)! The 12 V may not be much higher than 12.5 V. Classic AB have most often problems with: TDA4605, CNY17G, IRFBC40, DP3 and DP4 (1N4148). Sometimes the two RIFA capacitors (CP19 & CP38) are cracked. Check these components.
  5. If there is some corrosion you can use vinegar to clean the board.
  6. That board is really dirty. I would bath it in warm water and soap and scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Take care of Y1! Take the ROM chip off before the bath. Afterwards you can use IPA to clean and dry the board. I use my kitchen oven set to 50-60 degree C for half an hour for drying. Put the ROM back in the orientation like seen in your pictures. My Compacts show the same behavior, like shown in your videos.
  7. My SE/30 has no -12 V at pin 5. The voltages are ok!
  8. The floppy emu can be a solution. It is easy to tranfer files with a SDcard. https://www.bigmessowires.com/shop/product/floppy-emu-model-c-bundle/ Some more information for transfering files: https://lowendmac.com/2007/making-floppies-and-cds-for-older-macs-using-modern-macs-windows-and-linux-pcs/ My first approach to using floppies was the software HFVExplorer, that can write 1.44MB floppies on a windows PC. With some more hardware (raspberry pi, localtalk-ethernet-bridge) you can use the A2Server to share drives between the SE/30 and a windows PC
  9. Could be broken solder joints on LB or AB. Check the connections from AB to LB. Resolder the connections. Where did you check the voltages? Floppyport?
  10. Try to reseat the neck board on the crt. Check the solder joints on the neck board.
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