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  1. So essentially the Modem board just handles the step down and conversion from 48vAC, I’ll look through the developer notes some more and see if i can find an answer as to how the modem is operated when the Duo is docked.
  2. What would be the equivalent of the rockwell chip on this board?
  3. I couldn’t find anything regarding a capacitor replacement guide unfortunately, it seems PSU failure is common on these machines
  4. I’m going to guess it’s capacitors, I’ll see if I can find a cap replacement guide for you
  5. Hey Iliketech, does the motherboard have a VGA port at the back?, if so you can try an external monitor to see if there’s any Image
  6. It would be incredible to have a brand new fresh drive that doesn’t stick
  7. It would be incredible to have a brand new fresh drive that doesn’t stick
  8. How wide is that breadboard? Will that fit in an LC case?
  9. I agree with the idea of keeping the modem on the expansion board as like you said I prefer my machines to have reversibility and originality but I think with the tight integration that the duo’s are based around may make it difficult to preserve this originality
  10. I can’t seem to find the aforementioned mAcTX psu adapter anywhere, where could I purchase one, I’m fed up with constantly repairing the stock PSU In my LC III
  11. Thanks for the Info, It appeared the problem with the board was a bunch of CPU traces that rotted themselves out from Cap goo
  12. The duodock has its own optional modem card but as far as I know it works through the duo’s modem
  13. Oh my bad, I completely forgot, but yes it would be good practice to check the polarity and make sure nothing is the wrong way around
  14. That’s all very true I never thought of that, I guess I thought it wouldn’t need firmware updates or downloads
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