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  1. Interesting, I believe there was one other company that made the minidock, and they added ethernet to them.
  2. This is really cool, I didn't realize they actually sold them in configurations, I always thought you had to pick up whatever dock you wanted separately. I'd love to get my hands on that minidock!
  3. I am trying to figure out what these coils are, surely we could measure certain metrics of them and find a match for them
  4. Is the 270c considered rare?, I swear I have seen more 270s than any other duo, but I guess all duos are rare anyway
  5. You would be surprised, the very first Mac I ever posted about was a Classic with severe battery acid/rust that looked very similar to that above, i removed the rist with vinegar and painted the frame, still plenty of good metal under the rust
  6. Definitely! it would be nice to have a video resource for recapping, I usually pick the smallest cap with the correct values when working with PowerBooks, and I make sure to clean and flux the board before applying the new caps, it works every time for me
  7. I am very excited for this, it seems like an affordable solution to failing SCSI drives
  8. I have a spare 280 board to recap next so I might try surface mounts all around with that board
  9. They actually fit amazingly, there's more room with them than the original caps which was surprising.
  10. So I managed to get both Duos recappedafter ordering all the parts from Digikey For anyone who is recapping a 2300c, The smaller capacitors are 33uf 35v And here is the patient after surgery
  11. I think that is way way too high, however when I have my 2300 apart again I will try and find the part number of the LCD for you, maybe other laptops used that panel?
  12. Do you have a dock?, if so try that and see if an external keyboard works, I would like to say that bad caps would cause this but you might want to dig out a multimeter and start testing the fuses on the logic board as well as other components for continuity. First step is probably to get that board recapped though
  13. Will a higher voltage cap affect it at all?, if not I’ll order a set right away
  14. Will a higher voltage cap affect it at all?, if not I’ll order a set right away
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