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  1. On the contrary, he's very lucky it's not a ///+, as an earlier /// is probably rarer (Not sure about this though, I don't know the production numbers for each version) You're a very lucky man Wood-e! I'd kill for a ///!
  2. Nice! I thought Apple managed to nick all those Li-ion packs. Hang on to that for sure, eh?
  3. I wish I had a Store-room! It'd make collecting a lot easier (and neater...)
  4. Kyvinaria


    Some Ditto drives seem to be compatible with Travan tapes (ones not specifically marked for Ditto's), if you have some of them, they might be of use. Though Travan tapes and the requisite drives always seem to be apart from one another (you buy/find some tapes, and there's no drive, or you buy/find a drive, and there're no tapes...Catch-22 or what?)
  5. Thanks, these are the kinds of conquests I love, finding machines that were once loved, then forgotten. And finally liberated from their neglect, and given a good home. Well, I have some shelving for parts and smaller systems (like compacts). Other things, like servers, get put in specific stack(The stack of servers alone is 5 feet tall...I need a server rack badly....). Parts get boxed and shelved, I have a small bookcase for manuals (fast running out of space). Other systems get setup on my desk or workbench, and others just get stacked up. I try and keep it neat, but you know how it is
  6. Today I responded to a Kijiji Ad that said there was a store room with "some" apple stuff in it. After going into the store room, I found the following: 2 x Classic II's -with User guides 1 x LC 475 -with User guide 1 x IIsi -with manuals 2 x Performa 6360CD's 2 x PowerMac 7200/120's 1 x Beige G3 1 x 8600/200 2 x Applecolor High-Resolution RGB monitor's (with the funky High-density to DB-15 adapter) 2 x Multiple scan 15AV Displays (only 1 has the stand...and they came with the Manuals and Software) 1 x Apple 12" Display (accompany's the LC 475)
  7. I don't find a whole lot of 2.5", but I have a couple laying around here. I might also throw in an 80GB 1.8" drive (from an iPod!), in a 2.5" adapter. The Lombard now has 10.3.9 on it, in addition to 9.2.2. Though the 4GB Drive is getting cramped....
  8. Today I picked up the following: -A Powerbook G3 Wallstreet. 233Mhz, 160MB of RAM, 2GB Hard disk. Running OS 9.2 -A Powerbook G3 Lombard. 333Mhz/512K 384MB of RAM. 4GB Hard disk. Running OS 9.2 -A 13" Apple High-Resolution monitor (A bit scuffed) -A 17" Apple Multiple Scan 17 The Powerbook's work well, though I'll need to upgrade the hard drives. Not sure about the Monitors, as they haven't been tested yet. The Price: Free (They were in the recycling pile of all places!)
  9. Well, they didn't actually plug the ribbon cable in, and it looks ok. The hard Drive is missing, but I've got a few of those on hand, so no worries. Doesn't look like there's much RAM though....
  10. I found a Powerbook 1400c (Active matrix! and 133Mhz) at the recycler today. It's in rough shape, the screen has a couple dents and it's scuffed. but the really bizzare thing is this: Whoever disassembled this thing last must have been on drugs or something when they put the Keyboard back on, because it's backwards (as in, the space bar is facing the screen). Strange... I'll have to wait until I find my Powerbook AC adapter ti0 test it though. It looks intact.
  11. Hmmmm, well, a Capacitor in the PSU decided to blow up. Repairable, but annoying. Lot's of smoke and noise though...
  12. hehe, I agree with you Bunsen, though I myself am of a more recent vintage. That's one of the reasons I like the 820 series so much, they have this really period aesthetic that you really can't beat. It's a fine addition to my Collection. Now I just need to get an 8" drive Cabinet and I'll be set
  13. Another Find. This time I've found a G4 Sawtooth Motherboard. No RAM or CPU, but I know where I can source a CPU from. This will probably end up in my B&W G3 as an upgrade
  14. I received my Xerox 820-II in the mail today, all the way from a good friend and fellow collector in California. Firstly, the Xerox 820 is not a printer, it's a very old computer from Xerox. You can read about it here: http://www.old-computers.com/museum/photos.asp?t=1&c=487&st=1 12" Monitor, 64KB of RAM, and a 4Mhz Z80A CPU. The one I have is from mid-1982. It has 2 Floppy disk drive Cabinets (each has 2x 5.25" Drives in it). Also included were some spare parts (mainboard, some expansion cards, an extra keyboard, etc). One of my favorite things about this machine is t
  15. Well, going through a pile of stuff from the recycler, I found what I think is a 7500 motherboard. It matches the pictures I've seen on the internet of it (it also says TNT on the board). I also found the processor card (PPC 604e) a week earlier, as matching floppy and hard drives for it. It has no RAM, ROM, Cache, or VRAM. An interesting find, considering I found the pieces on separate occasions. Hopefully the ROM/RAM/VRAM/Cache will be found next.
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