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  1. Found this PowerBook 1400cs/166 on Kijiji for $100CAD. Has 16 megs of ram, and only a floppy module no CD. Came with Apple branded carrying case. My dad also called me and asked me if I wanted their old iMac late-2013 model and a couple printers. When he dropped them off, something slid and hit the top of the glass. No dead pixels or anything, so it should be a cheap fix.
  2. I installed Tiger via the 4-disk CD installer, then upgraded to 10.4.11. I also just upgraded to Leopard by putting the iBook into target disk mode and installing from my PowerMac G4. Performance seems better but I still do not hear any fans.
  3. Hi y'all, My iBook G4 has overheating issues in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. The fans work in openfirmware, but it seems that as soon as Mac OS X boots all fan activity stops and the iBook soon overheats and will freeze. Is there any way to control fan speed in Tiger. Either via terminal or a gui app? Thank you!
  4. Thats a sweet deal! I miss selling my Powermac G4, they are awesome machines.
  5. I got it today Its beautiful! Comes with airport, Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and 4 both legit, the iLife suite, and a external DVD-DL burner. It runs smooth as a kitten!
  6. Well, once my work term resumes in the end of June I am buying a base model Mac Pro, but I really love the look of the G5 iMacs.
  7. Hello all! I am trading my Gateway P-6829h for a iMac G5 1.8GHz with 2Gb of ram and a 150GB hard drive. I know my laptop is better in specs then the iMac, but 1) I *really* miss leopard, and 2) I love the iMac G5 style. Specs of my laptop here: 17" gateway P-6829h 2.0GHz core 2 duo 3GB ram and 250GB HD
  8. Very nice The 12" were always my favorite powerbook models, the 17" comes to a close second.
  9. Yeah, I am familliar with BeBits ( Although, haikuware is news to me). "Back in the day" I used to use BeOS as my daily operating system (Sadly not on a BeBox *tear* ). Haiku is good, although it is not a replacement for actual BeOS, maybe I am just biased. I did a wipe of the system today and put Slackware on it.
  10. So, I ended up installing Haiku Alpha 1 on it, works good, but its only temporary ( I will not use wondows for the life of me)
  11. Ah that sucks that Rhapsody probably won't work Also, agg23 I am already a member of that forum, my username there is macusr
  12. For $40 CAD I got a Pentium 3 850MHz, 256MB ram, and 20GB HD, with a 17" viewsonic flat CRT monitor. I am going to install Linux on this beast, or Rhapsody. Pictures: http://yfrog.com/3udscf0032xjx
  13. Nice conquest! I've always liked the early IBM PC's, and OS/2 is friggen' awesome!
  14. Welcome! I don't post nearly as much as I should here, but I do lurk alot. I love this forum!
  15. Today I drove about 75 kilometers to pick up a eMac listed on Kijiji for $160CAD. Its pretty sweet. Although it only had OS X 10.2 installed with 128MB ram, I put in a 256MB stick I had laying around, and slapped 10.4 on it, and now it works great. Its very responsive. I'm thinking on using this as my main system, at least until my Gateway laptop bites the dust and I can get a Macbook Pro.
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