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  1. Issue found . The Sony sound ic (that also holds the reset functions) is dead . I scoped out the cpu, it was stuck in reset . Using the scematics, we found the Sony ic holds reset functions . Anyone know a replacement or compatable ic ?
  2. so what happened here is , my macintosh se wold only display garbage on the screen , the reset will not do anythng . i belive it is a reset issue . anyone know / have the reset diagrams for a 2x 800k fdd w/ 20mb hdd ?
  3. update . i got it to work ish . i found ut if i press the ic ug8 , it will work . so my dad replaced ir , and same thing . we belive its a broken trace going under ug8.
  4. and yes i have 2 boards , one we bought , the other had sat in my parents house for 15+ years in a hot texas attic . the battery exploded in that one ( we also cleaned and recapped that one with a little change a chime and simasimac of death . but my dad put in around 25$ for some surface mount it's for ue8 ect , that didn't change a thing . ), the one i believe is savable is this one . i guess it is bad luck with s/30 i have many mad like classic 2 and other , they needed a recap after display issued , but i have yet to see a working se/30 .
  5. ok , i could try that , but i have a update my dad is getting a scope . just for my collection of macs needing repair . i will post a update when anything happens . and i did wash the board with rubbing alcohol . but i have asked my farther for his opinion on a gentle wash . but he wouldn't let a drop of water on it . ​he didn't want to risk damaging it evan more than it already is . i will get a photo of the board . still , if anyone knows how to fix the issue , not relating to caps , we replaced caps and washed the board . i will look evryday on the form for a solution .
  6. well , my dad didn't wash the board , that s a motherboard suicide . it would de laminate the board and ruin pads . we just got q tips and 100% rubbing alcohol . as i said , same symptoms . plus , wouldn't spend a penny to send it to a person who can "fix it" , that would cost hundreds of $ . and also , why , its just a se/30 . if i can't find bad components , pads , or ect , i will scrap the board as not repairable . anyone got ideas , i know the caps are not the issue . its a component on the board . ALL I NEED IS HELP FINDING A BAD COMPONENT , NOT CAPS
  7. i said , old caps removed , cleaned , and new caps installed . with same symptoms .
  8. well over time i have seen and bought very interesting things from goodwill , heres what i have so far .... 1 a in box ibm pc jr needing new ram , never used for 40 $ 2 a mac lc 3 intact laying in a bin for 15 $ works great , had a lt of games on the hdd 3 a fully working rev a apple ii e with disk drives . now have a floppy emu , highly recommend people get on , its very useful . 4 a atari 520 st works , built a psu with my dad , works , i have no disk drives of any kind for it . found it in a goodwill (the same one as the lc iii ) on top of a treadmill . 5 a brand new compaq armada
  9. yes , it was originally a se/30 but downgraded it to a se , why , i was never able to get a working se/30 . and i have looked at the psu and crt , its a little burned in . yes the se board i was able to get to work in the ebay se/30 for some reason . and yes my dad redid the smt caps and cleaned the board , but as i said repairs were done at some point i don't know why . i got it on ebay for 119 us dollars . still , i have yet to scope it out with my dad , but he has given up on se/30 because he thinks every single one has issues with dead ic and caps and mainly bad solder . the solder apple
  10. then again , if you wanted to do that , you could put the motherboard in a se/30 (ive done this to my se/30) it will work fine if you have extra se/30s
  11. so i bought this se/30 on ebay , it was working when i got ti , when i first powered it on , it showed a fine line on the screen , but after a fer times restarting the thing , it booted . so at that , i took out the battery , and put it into a restored se shell with good psu and crt ect . i put it in and it wouldnt do anything anymore , so i put it into the origonal case and psu , the flyback just arced like nuts . so i had my dad recap the motherboard , i dont think the flyback killed it . but when i looked at the board , terrible corosion and repairs , the battery did not explode ,its the
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