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  1. I've got one of these. It has the Apple Confidential stickers on the roms, and the big cap. The caps were leaking so had them replaced and the big cap is now a different big cap.
  2. do either these cards work in your IIci?
  3. You could try unseating the cpu and reseating it (the socket on the daystar card kinda sucks)
  4. when you put it back in the IIci did you get a sad mac code?
  5. just confirming, that, yes, it was a bad cpu. I put a coldpack on the cpu for 10 minutes and it booted right up, swapping the cpu with another mac completely fixed the problem.
  6. I spent some more time on this and I'm starting to suspect a bad CPU. I put a cold pack on the logic board and set it on the cpu for about 10 minutes. Then I put the board in the machine and tried it again. This time it booted, but within a minute or so of reaching the desktop It bombed with an illegal instruction. Any thoughts on ways to confirm this without buying a CPU? I don't want to waste any more money than I absolutely have to.
  7. I'm trying to fix my LC 575 sad mac. It was working up until a point last year, when it started to sad mac at random. At which point I realized that the caps had leaked. I proceeded to wash the logic board and recap with tantalum capacitors. Unfortunately the sad mac faces continued. I've washed the board several times to try and rule out cap juice. They symptoms went from being slightly random to very consistent. I've removed the hard drive and I've only got a cd-rom installed. I've also removed the battery. Here are the sympt
  8. Pushed an update to github, I've also updated my write up. http://andrew.colchagoff.com/netscape/part2.html would anyone have an interest in a live stream if I set one up of my next coding session? I'm thinking of pickup a device to capture the screen on my g3 and stream i with a mic of my talking, but it might just be a little bit to dry....
  9. i've added .sit files to the repository for everything just in case but the source files shouldn't have resource forks. My understanding of binhex is that its purpose is to avoid data corruption when a file is moved by an ascii only server which github is not. Do you think binhexing is necessary?
  10. Okay I've got my first dev build and the source on github. (After all that I used a zipdisk to move the files to my modern mac and commit) https://github.com/denodster/mozz I've compressed anything that I know to have a resource fork in a sit file but I may have missed a few things... it appears github doesn't know anything about mac linebreaks.
  11. great find, I've got one of these with a 500mhz g4 upgrade from powerlogix, I do all of my retro dev work on it. having both IDE and SCSI is nice because I can put a large hard drive in it without needing to search too hard, and I can still hook up all of my scsi stuff as well.
  12. Also, what is your preferred way to getting code from your mac to github?
  13. This project uses of Open Transport 1.1. I'm currently successfully building the PPC version on OS 8.1 and I'm slowly working my way through the libraries trying to compile 68k versions. Codewarrior Pro 2 has 68k equivalents of nearly everything necessary. but the answer may be to steal the TLS from Classilla if I can get the 68k version to compile. That being said I expect if I can get the project to build on 68k I might be able to attract some other devs. so who knows where it would go after that. After surfing the net with it on my G3 for a little while I woul
  14. I found it around the same time actually, and it did everything I hoped it would do. I needed to solve one more problem, but I successfully built the project. I turns out I also needed to be running an HFS file system and Mac OS 8.
  15. Sooo quick update, but 6 months later and I've successfully built the source. It was a beast to get it to build as I discovered that it only builds in Codewarrior 2 Pro and on top of that only builds in Mac OS 8 on an HFS filesystem. I consider all of these things good signs as I believe this means the end product will run in system 7.6 Now on to the next step which is going to be trimming the fat. I only want navigator, so Ill be cutting the composer and the other extra parts of the mozilla suite. From there I'll try to clean up some of the multi platform code, as it is pointless for building
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