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  1. Wow, quite impressive! But to clarify things…are you sure that Radeon 9200 will work properly in systems prior to 9.2.2? Did you encounter any issues? Is it possible to install proper ATI drivers in OS 8.6 - 9.1? I understand that acceleration won’t work without this driver? Did you manage to install it in OS 7.6 system?
  2. Thanks for your replies. Sorry, I haven’t specified some details. No, I don’t use G3/G4 card. There was one (Mach Carrier 350MHz G4), but I uninstalled it. I want to keep this Mac (apart from graphic card) in original state because a/ I have other Macs with OS X b/ I use soft which works under OS 9 and below c/ I can’t see any speed improvement with G4 card. On the contrary, I have a feeling that booting time is longer and generally he is…slower with Mach card. Maybe it’s just an impression. As for monitor I’m looking for LCDs only. I checked my Village Tronic card maximum resolutions and the
  3. I know there were similar threads, but I couldn't find things that I need to know before upgrading display in my PM 9600/350. Here are some questions: 1/ What is the biggest monitor size I can hook up to 9600/350 (practically)? 2/ I have 2 graphics cards - Village Tronic 16MB and Formac Pro Media 3D Pro PNGA 80-3. Which one is better for my setup? 3/ If none of them is good I could consider getting Radeon 7000 or 9200. Will 9200 work properly under OS 9.1, or do I have to upgrade to 9.2.2? Thanks
  4. The problem seems to be solved. I found the answer browsing through internet. rsolberg was right that this is a matter of diagnostics. I was very surprised as I never experienced this kind of delay in past (and I have some old Macs) maybe because they have less RAM installed (maximum 128MB). Anyway one guy says that when booting from cold, system performs an automatic RAM test which duration is dependent on amount of RAM. He tested that 128mb takes - 10sec, 256 - 25s, 384 - 40s, 512 - 55s, 640 - 1min 10sec, 768 - 1min 25s !!!!! Oh boy…well, this is how they designed it. And I can confirm thi
  5. I tried another graphic card...same problem. Also I read service manual. I've run through all steps in case of display problems including reseting logic board. After this step checking monitor cable or monitor itself is advised. So now I am beginning to think that there is probably some kind of incompatibility between graphic card and modern monitor (it's Samsung 17''), or graphic card is not installed in a proper slot (I couldn't find information where it should be), in which case system may be looking in a wrong place first for a card and then finding my card after checking all PCI slots (si
  6. Yes, it does. The battery is brand new. I measured it with voltmeter and it's absolutely perfect.
  7. The only way to do it when booting is to plug Mac out. And yes, it helps, but I can't do it each time. Anyway this is not a normal behaviour and there is a cause it doesn't work properly. I am trying to find it. Now, I am beginning to suspect the graphic card. It's Village Tronic MPDD, and there is no original Mac card inside. MPDD occupies PCI slot C1 at the moment, but I am not sure if this is correct. Do you know which slot is normally meant for a graphic card? This card is better than a standard Mac card (it has a big choise of available resolutions), but maybe it causes this delay at st
  8. Hmm...you maybe right, but why it shows a grey screen almost immediately during first booting after PRAM was reset then (I am talking about the situation, when PRAM was reset, Mac shut down, and then started up again after some time, not after normal restart procedure)? Also I have a PM 8600 / 200 and it takes about 10 sek to boot with 128MB RAM. My Performa is fastest as I said but it may be due to small amount of RAM installed as you noticed. In general you may be right that there is a correlation between booting time and amount of RAM, but don't you think that waiting the whole minute to se
  9. Now I have a brand new battery. Mac stopped playing this broken glass sound when booting, but it takes about a minute before the gray screen appears. I chuck out display prefs, reset PRAM again and pushed CUDA button. It helped, but only once. Next booting took very long again. It looks that it has something to do with some kind of display information which is being stored somewhere on the motherboard. Reseting PRAM helps temporarily, but a corrupted information is being remembered. My 6400 / 200 runs like a lightning when booting in comparison (in spite it has only 40 MB RAM). I don't know wh
  10. Sooo....I've tested all memory sticks using RAMometer (over 1600 iterations each) and they all passed. The chances are that the battery is not weak enough to cause major problems, but it is recognised during the startup sequence. Otherwise I don't know what else can cause such a strange behaviour, do you? I don't have a new battery yet, but should arrive in the end of the week. If you have any idea what else I could check, do let me know please.
  11. One more thought before I'll proceed with all those time consuming tests. If everything runs perfectly OK after rebooting (even RAM shows correctly under APS panel), what are the chances that the problem is caused by a damaged memory stick? Wouldn't the problem persist no matter what you do? What has rebooting to do with it?
  12. Thanks for all your comments. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to run all these tests. But I’ll try to do this during coming weekend. As for batteries I don’t have a new one for trying, so the only option would be to order it. On the other hand it doesn’t give an impression of being weak. Usually date and time is wrong then or something of this kind happens. But just to be sure I’ll buy a new one. Meanwhile I checked again Apple System Profiler, and noticed that although it shows 6 DIMMs interleaved, in location column slot B3 is missing. I mean it can see the memory stick is there bu
  13. Hi, I have an old PowerMac 9600/300. When it starts up for a first time it takes a long time before showing anything on the screen, then it plays a broken glass sound, and then everything seems to be OK. This problem doesn’t exist after restarting. I thought it may be a damaged RAM, but run TechTool and all 6 RAM memory sticks (64 each) passed the test, and they are recognised properly by the system. I tried also refreshing PRAM. It helps only once, meaning that when I shut down the computer, wait and power it again the problem comes back. Do you have any idea what may cause this strange be
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