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  1. Thanks for the replies I will check MG to find a suitable version of stuffit; I think I have 3.x, which if I recall, was the greatest you can put on System 7. So far, the issue is not much to put files on the 1400; since I use a CF card via PCMCIA (it run on system , but to move files to the 520 Sadly I have neither network nor appletalk on either, so I can only use floppy disks. I was planning to remove the HD and transfer files from my mac pro, but the 520 use SCSI drives, not IDE, so I can't connect the drive without an adapter (which cost more than the computer itself LOL).
  2. Happy new year! I am dealing with a bit of an issue here: got both a 520 and a 1400; and I am using the 1400 to make floppy for my SE HD and the 520. The problem is with big archives: the sit file is 4 MB, it won't fit on a floppy, so while I can use the PCMCIA-CF adapter to move the files on the 1400; then I am stuck because I can't bring the files on the SE nor on the 520. IS there a way to break sit files in 1.4 MB pieces? so I can use few floppy to carry over the file, and re-join once on the SE and on the 520. Also, how the heck do you get diskcopy or diskdup to install? I
  3. Thanks for your suggestions! So far I was able to acquire a 520; one of my coworkers had one and was trashing it; so I jumped on and got it it is not the color version but it is fine as is. Although I did realize that it does have a SCSI drive and no PCMCIA (forget about getting a module for it), so while it is a nice extra for my collection (did I mention free? ) ; I am looking for the 1400 at this point (ide drive, PCMCIA, score!); not too many at interesting prices, so still looking. I did find some ibook clamshell though; which I really like...but I guess it won't work using an external
  4. I see; although I am more interested in the machine as bridge between the old and new world, and for the collector "feel"; I am not planning to use the machine for any modern activity like surfing the web and such, so if it is more modern or less modern won't really change things for me I did check the prices on Ebay, and seems that the price may vary wildly to be honest. Some were on sale for 40 dollars, others for 300, and they were mostly the same (I did check 520, 1400 and wallstreet g3); obviously the "untested" ones were cheaper, but I am looking for a machine that is already in wor
  5. I was thinking about the 1400 because it has a ppc, and a PCMCIA, so I "assume" that I can plug in a ethernet PCMCIA card and a CF adapter, so I can both have networking on it, and a solid state drive so I can put aside the original noisy drive. BTW is the 1400CS and 1400C the same? From what I recall the only difference was the monitor, which is worst on the CS; but they both are pretty bad, considering modern standards so should not really matter, tight? Not sure if I can do the same with the 520
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. So the wallstreet would be fine; and same goes for the powerbook 500 series. The Wallstreet seems to come with the cd as default, which means that I have to hunt down the floppy module; and that makes me a bit nervous since I didn't find any on sale lately that has it. The 500 would be a better option, I see plenty of 520 and 540 around, although no color version. So it would be better a 500 series compared to a 1400 series? I am also looking for something that can eventually become collectible, and from what I can tell from the prices, the 400 and 1400 see
  7. Hi guys, I have an SE, and I would like to have a second machine that can make disks for it. For the superdrive, I think any model of powerbook should do, since they all use 1.44 floppy drives, and if they have a USB port I can just use an external usb drive to make floppy. But for the 800k I have no options since that require a specific drive running on a real macintosh, so I can't use anything else. Which ones are the models that can make 800k disks, among the old powerbooks? I was thinking about the Wallstreet or the 1400c? Would these be good for a bridge machine between my
  8. Thanks for your suggestion! I was not aware that I can use also 68 pin drives; that open more options; especially if all that it needs is an adapter!
  9. So prefs are also kept via battery? i thought that anything beside the time, was saved on disk/hd
  10. Totally agree I ended up buying 4 different SE and putting together the best parts, exactly because of the crazy prices that such old and delicate hardware goes for. I did find plenty of drives but they go for 40-50, which is the same price of another SCSI2SD at that point. Is there a way to boot from an external SCSI device? Maybe I can find an old ZIP drive; which is plenty to keep the OS and software.
  11. YEah, I did check mine (solder version), and it is still good after so long. On another motherboard the same battery (varta) did leak and ruined everything; I was able at least to save some chips and the ROMS, if I ever need to replace one or all of them. I was planning to remove the battery; but the voltage is still good (3.4V if I recall correctly); probably next time that I clean it up I will just cut the battery and put a replacement one. Or even leave it as is...keeping time updated on the SE is not really something that I am concerned about Thanks for the hint
  12. Got it, where can I find this Lido software? Is it on the macintosh garden or similar sites? I do have a SCSI2SD device; got it for cheap but I am using it already on another device; while for this one I was looking to make a restore with standard parts. I don't even need a big drive, after all the SE software may fit probably on a 300 MB disk? I really don't use much of it, so I don't even go as high as 1 GB for sure. The issue is that older drives are more prone to fail, from what I read, so I was looking for the "youngest" SCSI drive that would work in the SE, but still retain some sort
  13. I see, and how did you format the drive once you did install it? I was told that you can't use the HD20 software because it works only with Apple branded drives. Also is still possible to buy 50 pin SCSI drives somewhere? I have to check my local e-waste places to see if they have any available.
  14. So it was working just fine until yesterday. Today I took apart the SE to clean up again the floppy disk, since it was not reading some disks that were working on the other SE, and when I did put together the SE, now the hard drive won't boot anymore. It start with a solid red light for few seconds; then it goes blinking at 4 regular blinks in sequence, then it stops, then 4 more blinks and so on. Booting from floppy works; but the drive won't mount. I did use the HD20 tool disk and it can't see the drive, so I guess when I did move the cage to remove the floppy, the hard drive gave u
  15. Thanks a lot! It does extract now without problems!
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