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  1. ah thats good to know I have a drive-less 9600 that one of these days I really need to sort out some sort of SCSI drive for at some point! (I use a PCI ATA card for most things I do with it, but that does not work if I want to mess with the more obscure OS's like OS X Server 1.x for example) so its good to know there are a couple more options still beside the SCSI2SD (I would love a SCSI2SD but they bit hard to justify for me currently with how pricey they are, the V5.x's are not bad, but Ideally id want a V6 to make full use of the 10MB's SCSI bus in the 9600 and the
  2. interesting little setup! if theres space perhaps look to see if a Pismo heatsink will fit, they work by having a little square plastic thing that clips onto the CPU package itself, then the heatsink is screwed onto that (might be worth buying an entire Pismo CPU card heatsink and all, as while I dont think finding the heatsink on its own would be too hard, finding the little clip on its own might be a bit tricky) said plastic clip thingy is also shared with the Lombard but they have a much smaller heatsink that being said, you could JUST use t
  3. Just popping in to say via tip off from @Daniƫl Oosterhuis this is really awesome stuff! keep up the Awesome work ,im very interested to see how it all turns out I have a (fortunately working) SE, but really want to get an SE/30 or upgrade my SE with an SE/30 motherboard!
  4. what was the heatsink clip setup exactly? from what you describe it sounds a lot like the plastic square that Lombards and Pismos used, that would snap round the ceramic package of the CBGA360 CPU itself and then have 2 screw holes for a heatsink to screw into perhaps one of these plastic squares could be used or adapted to replace the broken original setup? out of curiosity what SBC is it exactly?
  5. BTW has anyone contacted sonnet? I hear they are generally quite willing to provide detailed technical info on their old PPC CPU upgrade cards wonder just how much info we could get from them, schematics, board layout info and any technical notes would be neat! LOL
  6. yeah would be interesting to see what can be done ah cool find I had seen the first PDF but not the IBM one maximum size for L3 cache is generally 2MB the 7457 can "do" 4MB but only up to 2MB of it can be used as L3 cache I wonder if the L3 cache setup you mentioned can just be used in 2MB mode with the last 2MB ignored? (like 512MB SDRAM sticks in a G3 Beige or BW G3) I do still wonder how L2 cache is set/detected by Uninorth based macintoshes, I know there is an SPD chip on the CPU card that contains the info but I dont know wh
  7. with some semi cheap 7457's showing up on ebay it would be really interesting to see if they work on one of these sonnet cards perhaps time to revisit this project? @Bolle https://www.ebay.com/itm/184311937918 I also came across this most interesting normal apple G4 CPU card fitted with a 7448 on an interposer board to go from CBGA483 to CBGA360 https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/g4-7448-and-7457-swap.2233532/page-2?post=28563255#post-28563255 it would hilarious if you could use such a interposer-board here as well a 7448 9600 w
  8. what you need is the sonnet L2/L3 cache enabler for OS X http://www.sonnettech.com/support/kb/kb.php?cat=319&expand=_a2_b169_b230_b154_b228_b74_a13_b233&action=a3
  9. its a Radeon 9200 Mac edition the sticker on the back will say Mac on it and the card looks like this hopefully this helps keep in mind while 7.6 will boot with the 9200, you wont have full graphics acceleration
  10. user @dosdude1 offers such a service specifically for old macs I recommend you get in contact with him and check out his youtube videos
  11. here is one max1zzz helped me out with when I was also getting started with all this BGA upgrade fun https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/diy-g4-cpu-upgrade-round-2-putting-the-power-into-flowerpower.2040272/
  12. the annoying thing about Apple Open Firmware on the G3 BW and newer is if it does not recognise the CPU thats been installed it will halt on purpose, older Firmwares like found in the beige Macs, will actually boot on an unknown CPU, obviously all the "extra" bits like L2 L3 cache dont get enabled but at least they boot thats what the Giga Designs Firmware patch me and Dosdude1 used for the iMac G4 thing does, unlike the more developed firmware patches from sonnet and the like, which will mask a CPUs PVR etc all the Giga Designs does is remove the "halt on u
  13. for OS X, Xpostfacto includes an OpenCHIPS6555.kext driver (or something along the lines of that name) might be worth having a poke at?
  14. im in the same boat https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/powersurging-to-mac-os-x-10-5-8-power-macintosh-9600-fun.2144305/ sadly I have not been able to find much these days like the OP, if anyone knows where to get some for relatively cheap lemme know
  15. shame about the L3 cache vanishing, I have never had much luck with TSOP chips myself. with no L3 it would be a good board to experiment with, try a 7457 on it? those have 512KB of L2 so should help with the loss of L3. BTW have you tried contacting sonnet for some details on the CPU card? A friend of mine doing stuff like we do contacted sonnet for info on the TAM G3 upgrade cards and actually got back a good wealth of detail
  16. Just wondering did you make any progress with this? I recently got a 9600 myself and Have been having much fun playing/experimenting with it which you can read about here https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/powersurging-to-mac-os-x-10-5-8-power-macintosh-9600-fun.2144305/
  17. thats so Awesome to see did you have to run a Custom build of OS X along-side the custom Mobo FW when testing the 7448 CPUs? because AFAIK no version of OS X has native 7448 CPU (CPU Upgrade companies who sold 7448 upgrades for PMs got around this via either Firmware patches that masked the 7448 as a 7455, or via a special NVRAM patch) we used the NVRAM patch for when we fitted the 7448 CPU to the 7445 iMac, as the Firmware patch we used to get the machine to POST with the 7448 CPU, only removes the Halt on unknown CPU thing apple has, it does not patch any
  18. thats some very cool information! id be very interested in seeing pictures of the whole setup, its interesting how you used MDDs as test beds, im guessing Motorola made up custom CPU cards for the 7448s 360CBGA foot print? (as the stock MDDs use 7455s which are 483 CBGA packages) im very interested in hearing your stories as I have been doing a lot of work and research into PowerPC CPUs and upgrading various Macs with faster ones which you can read about here I also have a few posts on Mac Rumors about my PPC CPU Upgrading adventures htt
  19. Looks like someone actually paid $360 for one of those 7457s on ebay im a bit annoyed by that, not that I mind what someone spends their money on but I dont want these sellers thinking they get away with charging such obscene prices for such out dated and old CPUs...
  20. heres some iMac G4 schematics hopefully they are of use iMac-G4-schematics.zip
  21. ill mention a few things 1 your going to need a Firmware Patch for the 7457 to boot 2 I have schematics for all iMac G4s, and on the first gen ones which use 7450 CPUs, there are un-used pads for some L3 cache however I dont know exactly what needs to be populated for those to work, they do include a nifty PLL chart tho (all the PPC schematics do) 3 $360 is waay too much for a 7457 send the guy a best offer (I know the listing your referencing, im tempted to also send the guy a Best offer for 1 or 2, id like to replicate sonnets 1.2Ghz VGA TiBook upgrade, as
  22. very nice work! shame the L3 refuses to show up have you seen how far you can clock the stock CPU? the fastest 7450 Apple used was on the 867Mhz quicksilver IIRC but I hear late 800Mhz eMacs can clock up to 1.33Ghz but I cant recall if those had 7450s or 7455s. also interesting on the ZIF sonnet card, it looks like if it detects a Bus speed bellow 66.8Mhz it sets the Multiplier to 9x which is the maximum multiplier supported by the XPC/MPC7410 CPU (50*9=450) im glad Sonnet thought about the Slocket adapters/PowerSurge machines, means the ZIF should work nicely in any f
  23. very interesting, which resistors are those exactly on both the 745x based Beige PCI cards and on the MDX upgrades? im guessing the 745x upgrades have regular PLL Resistors as they dont have to worry about auto-ranging since the bus speed is always set to 50Mhz with one of these... I have actually been wondering if you could solder 2 7448s in place of the 7447A/Bs on an MDX card and make the first 7448 MDD CPU upgrade card, that would be quite something. I have included a dump of the I2C/SPD EEPROM found on a 1Ghz Single CPU MDD FW800 CPU card I have, it would be intere
  24. very nice work! im quite interested in how you managed to overclock the sonnet CPU card? generally sonnet CPU cards are not overclockable... (I have a 500Mhz 7410 Sonnet encore ZIF id love to be able to fiddle with multiplier on that especially as in my 83.3Mhz bus G3 beige it sets the Multiplier to 5x and as such the CPU only runs at 416Mhz) as for the L3 cache not being detected, I had backside cache issues when the CPU had not reflowed properly onto the board, I would recommend putting a ring of flux around the chip and using a hot air gun blowing it under the chip a
  25. so im happy report some good new developments in the world of swapping CPUs around the first one relates to Core voltage of various PPC CPUs, since the start of this whole thing we had been wondering how do we check the Core voltage of various PPC CPUs/Macs when yesterday it hit me, we can just measure across one of the many Bypass/filter capacitors that go between GND and the Core voltage rail, people do this all the time on MacBook logic-board repair to make sure the CPU is working so I thought why not apply it to PowerPC macs, I gave my Pismo a quick probe this way and I was able
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