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  1. Okay, my second post for today. This question is straight forward. I've installed 7.5.5 on my LC475 which has 135,168K of RAM according to About this Macintosh. The OS uses 131,268K and when I try to open a PDF, there's not enough RAM to display it. What's going on and how do I put 7.5.5 on a diet? I tried using the extensions manager to unload some extensions and control panels but then I couldn't open the PDF file at all. Thank you for your time, Gerry
  2. Good morning to everyone. I hope your having a great day. I'm new here and so I'll give you a little background. I like to tinker with old Macs and PCs and right now my focus is on old Apple computers. I own two fully functional Apple IIGSes that have Utheret cards so I can FTP over to my Mac Pro. I also have an LC475 and an iMac G3 that I've upgraded a bit. The LC475 has a full 68040 processor and 128 MBs of RAM. I replaced the system drive with a SCSISD I/F and I run from a 32 GB miniSD card. It took me a while to figure out how to divide up that much storage so it would work wi
  3. First of all, my thanks to omidimo for the link to the Mac Fixer website. It's perfect for the mac software I'm looking for. To Byrd, I did some testing and whether the LC 475 is in 24-bit or 32-bit addressing mode, System 7.5.5 swallows up all the RAM as indicated through the Finder. The Apple IIe card requires 24-bit mode but when I'm not using it, I can switch over to 32-bit. System 7.5.5 is the last OS to support 24-bit mode so I can't go higher without losing access to the IIe card. To ArmorAlly and novusgordo, yes sneaker net is the best way for me right now. Since 9.2.1 on th
  4. Sorry, I meant an early 2008 Mac Pro. Great Machine.
  5. To All: Hi, I'm Gerry. I'm new here because I come from the Apple II world. I belong (for some 30 years) to the still active OAC (Original Apple Corps) Users Group here in Santa Monica Ca. With much of the group we discuss Macs since that's what people want help with but we also talk about Apple IIs and PCs. I have a couple of Apple IIgs-es, and recently an Apple IIe card for the classic LC series Mac. I bought an LC 475 and added 128 MBs of system RAM and upped the display RAM to 1 MB. So far everything works great. Then, in an effort to replace the noisy boot hard drive, I replace
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