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  1. Jupo I'm really glad the film had the impact of getting you to sign up for BTM. Thanks for letting us know you liked the film, enjoy the OMP! I still remember getting one second hand in the late '90s, at that time it really felt like something futuristic.
  2. Not yet, I have them for English but they are machine transcribed, which means I have to finish going through all of them to fix the text. If I have some time this week I will try to finish them. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. Nice to have the support. We’ve set up our new store, if anyone is interested in having a shirt. It’s at store.moosefuel.media It’s not widely advertised just yet since we want to gradually roll it out, and if you like you can use the discount coupon code “68kmla” to get $5 off. For now we have MessagePad 2100 shirts available, which have proven to be the most popular. Thanks!
  4. We will be printing some more shirts over the next couple weeks so the inventory will be there soon. Thanks everyone for your interest.
  5. Yes, sorry, that's the old page. I am working later today on getting the new store up. Please stay tuned.
  6. Or you could tell me, it's my site What page is the error on?
  7. Well if you want the shirt, we'll be selling them on the site this month, and you shouldn't have to wait much longer for the actual film.
  8. It's amazing how many people, like myself, couldn't afford newtons when they were released, but wanted one so much that it was still a thrill to get one later, obsolete or not.
  9. Yes dibenga is correct, it's a big Linux-based e-reader with a nice e-ink display running the Einstein emulator (a Newton 2.0 emulator developed primarily by Paul Guyot). It was slow on that particular device, but it shows what could be done. Of course, you get none of the charm of Apple's 90s hardware with a device like this.
  10. No, the campaign portion of the project is finished, but we are actively producing the film. You can follow it here: newtfilm.com We didn't meet the funding goal completely but I still decided to make the film to the best of our budget.
  11. Hi all, I am in video production and also a fan of almost all things Apple, I have put together a crowdfunding campaign to make a film about Newton and the people who still use it. Almost everyone who owned one has really great feelings about it, I want to make a film about Newton and the people who "carried the fire" after it was discontinued. Shameless self promotion, but I think if anyone would be interested it would be the people here, and if not please spread the word: newtfilm.com. We've raised $1695 so far, and we're about halfway through the campaign. I'd also we
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