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  1. There's also this thread right here with some pics of a disassembled 150 with bad caps…
  2. Hi there, I came here with exactly the same questions, albeit for a QuickTake 100. I was hoping to find maybe a really old thread with some useful advice, and I certainly didn't think I would find such a new thread! I scored a great looking QuickTake 100 on a local auction site, without any accessories. Just like yours @Riccardo, mine won't power on with known good batteries nor with a PowerBook AC adapter. Searching the web for help, I found this 2014 thread: https://www.thinkclassic.org/viewtopic.php?id=277 referring to disassembling a QuickTake 150 with capacitors issues. The pictures
  3. Thanks a lot for your quick answer! And thanks for the fix! Sadly my issues don't involve sleep or the drive spinning down, but just plain file transfers. I don't know if it's a PB 5xx or just my SCSI2SD and/or microSD card, but I couldn't complete file transfers without random crashes. I tried to copy a system folder file by file, but even then it would crash after a few files… Finally I mounted my microSD card in my « external » SCSI2SD and prepared it on a PowerBook 3400, and it took less than five minutes to copy all the files needed without an error. I put it back in the 520c and it
  4. Hi there, I'm attempting to save a PowerBook 520c from the dead. It was in good shape, apart from a dead hard drive. I replaced the drive with a brand new SCSI2SD « PowerBook Edition » with a brand new 16GB microSD card set as a 4GB SCSI drive at ID0. I booted the PowerBook from my trusted external SCSI2SD and attempted to install System 7.5.3. The installer repeatedly failed with various errors: once it complained that the installer script couldn't read some files, once it complained that it wasn't an original installer, and several times it just crashed during the « system optimisation
  5. That’s what I’d hope! Here is the place you’ll find people who know their way around floppy drives… why not scroll wheels?
  6. Of course! But for this project I found a "new old stock" 5GB hard drive for a few bucks on eBay, I thought it would be cool to "hear" the iPod. The drive was recognised by macOS Catalina and all is fine on that front. My issue is with the scroll wheel not scrolling.
  7. Thanks for your answer! Getting into the iPod wasn’t the problem, though. It was completely taken apart and I cleaned all visible parts. I hoped that cleaning the scroll wheel would be sufficient, but obviously not… I would have swapped the scroll wheel from the otherwise dead second iPod 1G I have at hands, but the scroll wheel mechanism is soldered on the logic board, and that’s beyond my skills. On the 1st gen iPod it was plain 44-pin ATA. Adapters were made to use CF cards… The 5th gen were indeed the first tu use ZIF connectors.
  8. Hi there, An iPod 1G doesn't really qualify as a 68k device, right? Anyway, I don't know where to seek help apart from here… My iPod 1G died several years ago. I bought it second hand around 2002 and used it for a couple of years, and then gave it to a friend who took it on a three years backpack trip around the globe. He gave it back to me for my collection around 2010, with a dead hard drive and several "war wounds" from the trip. I left it mostly untouched all these years, and finally attempted a restauration. I bought a new drive and a new battery. It's now back to life r
  9. There's enough clearance, that shouldn't be an issue. Airflow might be reduced, but I'll have to try! I was mostly asking about the 3 pin connector.
  10. Thanks for the quick answer! The original fan dimensions are 60x60x15mm. The one I linked to is 50x50x10, and I just understood the external dimensions of the fan are given, and not the distance between the mounting holes. So I just bought a 3-pin 60x60x25 fan. The thickness shouldn’t be a factor, as long as I find a way to secure the fan to the case, since the original tabs will be to short.
  11. Hi there, I need to replace the fan in my LC III with something silent. It has a 3 pin connector to the mobo. Will any 50mm 3-pin modern fan work? Im looking at this one for example: https://www.steg-electronics.ch/fr/article/Fractal-Design-Silent-Series-R3-50mm-19940452.aspx Thanks in advance!
  12. I received mine yesterday, and just tried it on the Plus tonight. It's awesome!!! Thanks again BMOW for that incredible work!
  13. The coolest hack/mod I've ever seen... is most defintely my very own Macminitosh!
  14. I forgot to mention that I took her apart, disconnected the inverter board and interconnect board, and reseatted everything. Thanks bibilit! Are those caps easy to change? I'm no soldering master… I've recapped my LC III and plan to do it on my compacts when I find some time, but I fear it's not as easy on a PowerBook!
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