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  1. I'm running at least Stuffit 4, but i'll find out which version exactly and try to install 4.0.2 if I don't have it. I do have dropstuff, too, so maybe I'll try that as well
  2. Oaky, I'll have to try that later, though, because apperenty my PC doesn't want to recognize disk drive anymore I think I have enough games to last me a while, at least, so if it a restart doesn't work then it's not a big deal for now. One last thing i'd like to ask is that some of the .sit archives can't be opened, saying they are corrupt. I don't know if that could be because the files are actually broken or there's something wrong with stuffit or the computer. Mountains of Mayhem did this as well as AMFV, so I'm not sure what's up with that.
  3. Thank you again! I'll check those out. I realized that 26MB is actually a sizable amount of memory for games like this so I can save them to the internal memory, meaning that as long as I have one good floppy, it's not that that big of a problem, though I might look into it if I find that I need them. You wouldn't happen to know if there's a copy of A Mind Forever Voyaging that's compatible, would you? I found a 2-sided dsk version and a .sit, neither of them worked. Also, is there any way to unpair .sit files with Wordapp and pair them with Stuffit? I'd be nice to be able to just dou
  4. Anthon, this worked perfectly. It did work with a USB floppy drive, though I had the cheapest, so jiggling the plug causes it to disconnect, and for whatever reason some of the floppies say that they were corrupt or unable to be read despite having been formatted. I'm guessing that they are just old or something. Kings Quest is a little janky and laggy, but 3D Brick Bash works perfectly (though with the mouse problems it's also a bit janky). Trying to get AMFV to work, too. BUT, I think I have one last question: are there any recommendations for games? Stuff like ZORK or text/ASCII based adv
  5. Thanks for the speedy replies; I'll give it a try in a day or two when I don't have work. I hope it works.
  6. Thanks for having me, and thank you for the speedy reply! So I am running Win 10 as my daily driver, and I installed the trial version of TransMac. I formatted the floppy to a mac drive on the SE, but I can't find where to format it in TransMac. It also doesn't say anything about the creator in properties. I do have MacDrive trial, so I can copy stuff to the drive already, but something like the stuffit file you provided only gives me an error saying that it could not be opened because the application program that created it could not be found. Also, you mentioned making a .dsk? I look
  7. I really need some help with this, I've been searching the web for hours and I'm just going in circles now. I got a Mac SE FDHD from my grandmother and I'm trying to play some classic mac games like A Mind Forever Voyaging and whatnot. It's a .sit file, and some other games are .hqx, but I apparently don't have stuffit expander installed and can't for the life of me figure out how to install it. I found Stuffit 4.0 as a .bin file, thinking that that is the closest I could get to uncompressed to run it, but it's still giving me the error about not knowing what program to use. (I actually ch
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