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  1. Dear 68kMLA Community, My times on this forum have been wonderful. I have enjoyed learning about the vintage Macintoshes from all of you, and I would not be in this position with my collection without the help. But, I have came to a decision in life that I want to share with you all. I have realized, that collecting old macs rapidly becomes hoarding. It becomes an unhealthy habit, you end up indoors constantly, and it ruins your health. I find it hard to avoid massive spending related to computers in general. It turns into a shopping habit. I have some very strong advice to all of you:
  2. System7


    Well I diagnosed the problem with the other Powerbook5300C, I will need to ask more about the issue however.
  3. System7


    The 5300cs that works just died in an odd way. It cant even play death chimes right. I will post a video.
  4. System7


    Well I finally got to testing the 5300s I conquested in the huge powerbook lot a few months ago, and the failure rate of apples first PPC and its 68k brother, is quite high. Only 2 out of the 5 work. The best condition one is a 5300c, with 40mb RAM and a 500mb HD, it has a plain 8.5 install. The second good one is a 5300cs with 32mb RAM and 7.5.2 with a few random apps. Now then, here are the faulty ones. The second 5300c, has a bad LCD. It sequels, and sometimes the back-light does not come on. Both 190cs have bad logic boards and bad LCDs. And one 5300cs was totally dead due to lacking the
  5. That mac emulator must be pretty interesting. Its a shame the Amiga flopped so quickly, and its assets are left rotting. If only Apple bought what was left of old Commodore.
  6. Because the server is likely inside of someone's house. The speed of the Hotline/KDX is impacted by the surges of web traffic my server gets. I'm constantly hitting my maximum bandwidth as I am on a budget connection with a Cogent upstream. Since I make little to no money running it, I can't afford the connection it really needs. And no, it is not in my house. Here is a picture: So the server is in the red circle, or is it THE red circle?
  7. The issue here is not apple. It was most likely a lie. And that is going to just end up in china and be burned. Its the recyclers wanting MONEY per pound of "Junk".
  8. Both are very loaded. Both are in a match to earn my favor. Its a death match between beige macs. 7100: 80mhz 601 & 512k Cache Maximum RAM 1gb HD OS 7.6 No CD ROM Standard PDS Video 6100: Sonnet G3 52mb RAM 1gb HD OS 7.6 CD ROM AV Card One has better cooling than the other. One has a greater retro factor. One is slimmer. Only one will win in the minds of the people. Soon, I will test them each for one day as my computer, pitting them to massive stresses. Which one that works properly, gets chosen as top Nubus PPC from the last 2 I have not gotten working yet.
  9. You should rescue this while you are at it! http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-Performa-6200CD-PowerPC
  10. Well, I am curious about how much my Sonnet G4 Accelerator for Nubus PPC Macs is worth. I hear it is an extremely rare part. It also has the adapter ribbon and card holder so you can use a PDS Card in the 7100/8100 too. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. The original most likely uses a sony drive.
  12. The sonnet was the root of all the issues. I need a L2 Cache DIMMM then to make this mac usable.
  13. I reinstalled the driver for ATi, it takes Mac OS a decade to boot, and finder hangs. Its on a 400mhz G3, it should be fast! The sonnet accelerator is one of the worst boards I have had the mispleasure of owning. It makes any mac os glitch.
  14. Well we were supposed to get a System 7 theme 2 years ago. It never happened. The only major change was the change to PHBB3. If it is approved, perhaps by 2020 it will be installed onto this forum.
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